Friday, September 13, 2019

So, I'm on Facebook wishing my mother a happy birthday and seeing nothing from her.  Weird.  She's usually on enough to at least see such posts.  I was out driving down to Brownsville, I was going to call her and wish her a happy birthday, when I started receiving texts from my oldest brother.

I don't get texts from him, or my other brother for that matter, something must be up.  Mother had been to the hospital, had taken an Uber, lost her phone, purportedly left it in the Uber. Alarms went off - if mother went to the hospital, something serious has to be wrong cause' she doesn't just get up and go to the hospital.  Today, he sent a text showing the hospital's doctor's statement of what was up.

It was all doctor jibberish to me, might as well have written in Chinese.  I gathered from the paper that she had some sort of thyroid problem but the rest of it? I have no clue what any of that meant. Worse, my oldest brother didn't know either, hence the reason he posted pics of the statements to us to see if we could make anything of it.  My middle brother is a paramedic, so he eventually got on there and said everything looked "fine".

Again, mother does not go to the hospital because she's "fine".  She's up in her 80's. Things may affect her worse than earlier in life.  I dunno, I can't talk to her because - she doesn't have a phone. My oldest brother is an extreme minimalist in giving out info. He doesn't like the family, he loves his mother I believe but the rest of us can go to hell - and has been that way since he's been a child.  Growing up with him was like growing up with a ghost brother. He was only around when he was forced to be at the house.  He had nothing to say to any of us.  I don't know what is wrong with him, I never will.  I accept that I cannot change my family, but I also accept that I don't have to have much of anything to do with them, either.

I'll get the information I need when Caleb goes over there on Saturday. I intend on having him hand mother the phone.  Again, I have zero info on what actually happened to her, I just know that she's home, got up out of bed after being in bed for a day and is moving around.  I didn't find out about the hospital visit until after she went home.  Very disconcerting.  I mean, to the point that if I don't find out some info soon, I'm flying to Phoenix and I'll see what's going on with her.  That's my resolve.  But I think when Caleb goes I should be able to get a LOT more information than my oldest brother cared to share - although that's probably all the info he has because that's all he probably cared to find out.

My brothers are like strangers to me.  That's all I will say about that at this point in time.

It's midnight thirty here.  Yes, that's 12:30 am, just my way of saying it lol.

That makes it Friday early morning.  On Wednesday - the second day off in a row and relaxing, doing much of nothing and enjoying that status - I texted my manager about whether I was going out tomorrow - which would have been Thursday.  I didn't receive a reply right away and I just put it out of my mind. Not unusual to not get a response from her about upcoming work, I don't get pushy, I just ask the question and let it ride until she has time to give me an answer.

Well, instead, I got a phone call back a couple of hours later.  You want to go down to Brownsville and pick up a trailer?  I knew we weren't short on trailers, the yard was starting to get full again.  This was a mission to bobtail down there - bobtailing is driving the semi tractor without a trailer attached to it - get an empty and bring it back.  We didn't need an empty, the yard is full of them. Several of them are trailers that can be used in Mexico.  I wasn't gonna argue tho, I said yes. Got my stuff, got the dogs, took them to the other house, got to the yard, in the truck and headed down to the border.

Hence, the reason I'm awake at midnight thirty.  Cause she didn't call me about that run until it was after noon, meaning not getting out of the yard until almost 2:00 pm.  It set me up for failure in Houston. Both going down and coming back I was smack dab in the middle of their version of a rush hour, which I can tell you is as bad as most anywhere you will find them.

So tomorrow. Well, I think I'll drive on up to the upholstery place and take a lookit the boat. It was out there in front the other day, looked like they had replaced most everything - but that was from a distance.  I didn't stop, just didn't feel compelled to.  Give them as much time as they need to get the job done right and not make them think I want a rush job or something.  But it's been there a while now, so I do want to see what's been done.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...