Thursday, September 19, 2019

The biggest question for me today?
To go way around Houston or to attempt driving through it with that tropical depression Emelda lingering around over everything.  I'm not going to make it to Brownsville today if I get caught up in weather related flooding or accidents holding up the freeways through there.  Not to mention everyone slows down automatically when it's raining, often times when slowing down is unnecessary and just wasting time. 

I get it if visibility is reduced.  Many times that isn't a factor and they still go way under the speed limit and block the passing lane while doing it.  I mean, I don't care if you slow way down, just don't slow me down with you.  But they'll sit there at 50 mph or even slower in a 75mph zone and not pass or speed up or slow down to get out of anyone's way.  Often times they'll put on their flashers as if that's helping anything  - which it is not and authorities don't even recommend you do that. It's likely I'll try going around Houston, I just have no idea whether that extends the drive time too far to get down to Brownsville? 

But, I will check the traffic map for that city before I make my decision and that won't occur til' later on today.  The last time seriously heavy rain occurred in Houston and I was driving through, it flooded the service roads and turned them into lakes with cars submerged and even more cars that had tried to flee the flooding and drive up on the embankment.  It took 3 hours to get through there and that ruined my chances to get to Brownsville - and the delectable detention pay that is a staple of those runs when you do, indeed, get it. 

So, I'll just be thinking about that this morning.  I have the alt route planned, I've never taken it and it will definitely add at least 30 to 45 minutes to the drive.  So really, it's kind of more dependent on how long I get stuck at the plant today and how much of my on-duty time I have remaining after leaving there.  Because I usually have at least an hour left hour of drive time when I get to the yard in Brownsville. 

Mother - is doing much better now and finally got herself a new phone.  I may call or at least text her today and see how she's doing anyway tho.  She claimed that the doctor said she had some sort of virus. The paperwork appeared to say something different.  I dunno, just glad she's better. 

The boat mechanic is supposed to come tomorrow. I won't be there but I definitely want him to come and finish this motor project.  Okay, I'd rather be there when he is there and ask him some questions, but geeze, let's get on with this already!


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