Friday, September 27, 2019

And just like that, I remembered having a conversation with a person selling a boat here locally a loooooooooong time ago. I went through a hundred Facebook messages before finally finding the conversation we had had about a boat he had for sale and him saying he was the mechanic that had fixed it and the owner failed to pay him, so he was selling on a mechanic's lien.

So I contacted him earlier and he said yes, he can take a look at it.
I have no idea his credentials, I don't know if he has a shop or what.  Well he must have something going to be able to put a mechanic's lien on a boat, I don't think you can do that without having a shop, can you? I dunno.  But it's local. There were 2 other shops that said they'd look at it - each 1 being exactly 41 miles away, lol.  I found that interesting, but in different towns. 

So I'm in a rather slow back and forth with this guy about how to go about getting him to look at it. It's been this long, I'm resolved to just take as much time as it's going to take to get it fixed. I have no options besides buying another motor for it, I remain hopeful that won't be necessary.

I've been sitting 2 days - not shocking considering the number of trucks that were sitting in the yard when I got back from last trip and the small number of runs that are available on the schedule. I actually thought I might be sitting 3 or 4 days.  No matter, the boat can't go out on the lake atm and so, I don't really care that I'm going out tomorrow.  I was very glad I did not get the Stryker Ohio load tomorrow.  The only options for today tomorrow sunday and monday are brownsville runs and the single Stryker load - I missed that by one spot. Someone got that before me - they can have it.  It's 2,000 miles round trip but it takes up 4 days.  If I get detention pay in Brownsville - even just overnight detention - I get as much money for a 1,187 mile trip and much less hassle for 2 days.  3 days and I make more than that 4 day trip.

Anyway, I met up with Taylor at In Japan, a local Japanese restaurant that has rave reviews from all kinds of people - many of which were just passing by our little town on the way to wherever and thought it odd that a sushi/hibachi style restaurant with this high class of food and freshness existed here. "Where do they get their seafood, it tastes fresh?".  Well, in reality, there are ports only 250 miles from here.  But, most seafood is flash frozen out at sea just after it's caught, from what I can understand.  If you're ON the beach, I suppose you might be able to get fresh seafood that has just been caught? I dunno.  Unfortunately, I cannot have sushi at this point in time, none of it on the menu was Keto friendly and so I opted for a Hibachi cooked steak with vegetables - very delicious. 

I smoked a beautiful Prime Rib roast in the smoker today.  I took extra caution to wait for 45 minutes to even out the temp at 225.  Once I was sure that it was where I wanted it, I put that baby on there. It's actually been sitting the freezer for 10 months - I bought it when it was on sale last Christmastime.  Yes that's 10 months ago and yes, the roast turned out wonderful. It had no ill taste from being in the freezer that long, no freezer burn.  But when I saw the date on it going through stuff in the outside freezer, i thought it's time to cook this baby!

I'm going through a lot of stuff in the freezers - we're emptying them back out again slowly but surely so we can fill them back up with fresh stuff. 

But it's bedtime.  The Brownsville run is a long one and I need my sleep. 

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