Monday, October 7, 2019

How fast will a 150 horse Mercury Black Max motor push that boat around a lake?
I do hope soon to find out.
Payment for parts made, hopefully this dude will get them ordered, installed and get that thing running correctly very soon.  My friends laughed at me and said when I get it running I'll have to work two weekends in a row!  Gag, that wasn't nice! Lol it was all in fun.  Still, hope persists.

Meanwhile I was watching videos of this particular motor on various boats.  Flying across the lake.  I'm torturing myself watching this stuff.  Because why? I can't do that  - yet.
Or just get it way out there somewhere, stop it, get out the fishing rods and start catching dinner.

I'll take a finely crafted, executed, written and acted old Western over much of anything that is coming out of Hollywood any day.  On that note, I have my Dish Network installed - at a much cheaper rate than what I was paying for DirecTV (tho admittedly I could have reduced service with DTV and gotten a cheaper rate as well, but I was through with them).  But what am I watching? Reruns of Bonanza on Roku, the free stuff they offer.


Monday.  Just spent literally HOURS on the phone with ATT mobile and ATT Directv. A debit in the amount of $164.26 was taken out of my account.  There was no rhyme or reason for it, so I called the mobile side of it first. After almost an hour on the phone with them, it was verified that that amount was not taken out. Direct - the same old s***.  Get connected with one person, switched to another, dumped into the main system, start all over.  I was getting very annoyed.

After unknown amounts of time - I started this earlier this morning and now it's 12:30 pm - I finally got to the bottom of it.  I had cancelled my account.  11 days later, they took out that $164.26.  They shouldn't have taken anything out, according to the guy I was talking to (of whom I got his ID for future reference).  But, instead of getting my money back instantaneously? Or even in a few days? They are sending me a visa gift card in that amount instead? And up to 3 MONTHS to get it?  If there was any reason not to deal with this company after all I've been through with them, this certainly topped it off nicely. ATT is history as far as I'm concerned.

Now, in my quest to get rid of ATT altogether, I found out I could get 3 lines with unlimited data on Verizon for a total of $165 per month after taxes.  I'm paying $200 now but that includes the monthly payments.  I don't have unlimited data now.  I have 20 mg's and it's only on my phone, the other two phones, they have to use wifi if they want to access the internet on them.  It's unlimited texting and calls, but they have no frills plans. 

I'm actually considering dumping the other two lines and letting them pay for their own service. After finding out that they have lied to me about the monthly rent deposits - namely - their portion of it - I kinda got bent out of shape.  "We'll put our $250 on later this month" - onto the M Power for electric service that is, it's cash you go to a machine at a grocery store, dump the money into it, it loads it onto a card, you take the card home, put it on the machine and walaah, you have that much added to your account.  Well, she has only been putting $100 per month on there for a long time now, on one month they didn't put any money on it.  I knew something wasn't right, I just didn't have the facts to support my theories.  If I dump their phone service, the money lost will be partially made up. 

Their problem is that they got into 13 grand worth of credit card debt and now they are drowning in monthly payments. In their financial situation, they shouldn't have gotten credit cards at all.  So apparently, I'm the one that has to eat the loss, not the credit card company?  But, now that she knows that I'm on this - I didn't specifically address it but she knows I can see if she's adding anything - I will be in position to ask her at the beginning of next month why she either A: didn't put anything on there or B: put the full $250 on? That's all they're being charged to live there. 

You don't just presume that a person will agree without asking that they can just not pay the agreed to amount.  I did them a favor long ago letting them come live on the property, they've done me a favor, so-to-speak, of  taking over the house.  But the agreement was they would pay $250 per month.  And frankly, if they didn't have that house, they would very likely be back out on the street. I don't wish that upon them at all, at the same time, telling me all this time they were going to put that money on later in the month and then not doing it is very troubling for me.

After months of high temperatures, yesterday being 92 at high dew point/humidity and real feel well up into the 100's - the temps finally came down overnight. It's in the mid 60's outside right now, just about cool enough to start burning a nice fire in the fire pit outside again.  Probably not today. I'm a bit exasperated that I had to go through all of this yet once again with ATT/Directv.  You end the service, you expect them to stop taking money out of your bank account. I have no access now to my Directv account online since it's been deactivated. I could have found this info out if I had been able to just access those accounts. 

Just mystifying the way that company treats it's customers.

Work? No clue. Off two days now, I should be going out tomorrow, but who the heck knows. 

The rest of today? No clue.  Not in the mood now to do much of anything. Hang out with the dogs. I've been contemplating for a while now of getting a generator.  The lightning strike this morning caused the power to go out, then on, then off, and then partially on before the power company came out later and clicked the giant fuse on the telephone pole up with that very long rod they use to reach up there and do that.  Power goes out frequently here.  Just a lot of money tho, about $500 for the size I want - to cover what I want it to be able to power up, which would be alternating between freezers and the refrigerator and my window AC until so at least one room is cooled - or the room heater if it's cold - and some lights.  Very frequent occurrence of power going out and it gets old on the days off. 

Oh, and the other thought?  Cooler temps have arrived. No skiing or tubing now whenever this boat gets going.  Lol. 

well, I'll figure something out. 

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