Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Almost 10 hours of cumulative sleep later and I feel much better. Maybe not 100%, but enough to make the drive home today.  No rush to get out of here, it's still early enough at 5:48 am.  My trip to Logan's was followed by going down to the Peterbilt cafe - my truck's refrigerator - pulling out a bunch of food, lugging it up here and making dinner.  Last night that is, followed by going to bed early.  Even with the road noise outside I slept right through all of that. That's a sign of how toasted I was in the sleep department, I'm a very light sleeper. 

Sometimes, I forget to ask for a room on the backside of the property and preferably on the top floor.  And if I do forget, I either end up asking for another room or just dealing with it.  Usually asking for another room tho.  The top floor here? Is not being used, at all, oddly enough.  I've never seen that before.  This is a 3 story property. Perhaps there is too much competition and they simply don't need to use it?  Just weird.  If I ever have the need to stay up here again, I'm going to be trying to find on a satellite view any place where I can park the truck and stay at that wonderful looking Marriot Residence Inn. 

Not complaining tho, this room was not the nicest place I've ever been in but it was peaceful and a much better choice than the only other place I know of to stay up here - the Econolodge. I stayed there once and probably wouldn't want to do that again.

Well, according to the mechanic, the parts for the boat are coming in today (or tomorrow) - hoping today tho.  It wont take him long to replace those parts and see if his diagnoses was correct.  Fingers crossed - tho now it's too late anywhere for tubing or skiing on the lake.  That won't stop us from going on fishing expeditions - if the thing is ever fixed of course. 

With that, I'm moving out of here and get on down the road!

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