Friday, October 11, 2019

Hopefully, today I will get word on the boat. The parts should arrive and won't take long to install.  If he gets it running good, I'm going to ask him to take it to the nearby lake with me - I'll pay extra - and give me some pointers on boating and how to launch it and capture the thing back on the trailer.  Worth an extra $50?  The same reservoir I took the boat to with the first mechanic is only a few miles from his property.  I remain hopeful, at least, that the problem will be resolved, the thing will run normally and we can go fishing.

We can't go skiing or tubing now, the temperatures have dropped significantly, but that won't stop me/us from going out on the lake for some peaceful fishing endeavors.  Or not so peaceful depending on who comes lmao.

Waking up this morning, it dawned on me that they wanted crackpot chicken.  And wanted it done by the time she gets home. Okay, they didn't demand anything, I had just asked what we wanted for dinner today and James definitively spoke out crackpot chicken.  But, Taylor needs it done by the time she gets home at 4:00 because she is going to her second job at 5:00. Rushing out the door, I got to kroger's, got the goods, but couldn't stop myself from going over to the UPS store and getting rid of the second haul of useless Directv garbage - electronic equipment.  Wash my hands of that company, at least on the DTV side and be done with them forever.  I'm missing some of the channels I thought I would be getting on Dish, tho, and have to decide whether it's worth it to upgrade to the next tier up so I can watch reruns of Star Trek Generations and other old shows that I like far better than any of the nonsense that is being pumped out now.

They do have the AMC channel and the Walking Dead, but I have found that I have lost interest in the show.  They lost the ability to keep viewers intrigued and captured by the unfolding drama.  Namely, I started to lose interest after they had a million different chances to kill Negan and they kept letting him go.  That story line started to get boring. I've heard they've made it better, but I haven't watched any of it recently.


Hours on the phone. Yet again.  More ATT disrespect.  I've had a snoot full of it.  I paid off the phones a few minutes ago and then it's 24 hours before they can be unlocked.  But the account is paid up through the 16th of this month so I'm going to wait until then to go ahead and switch over to Verizon.  Or whoever, anyone but ATT. That is if I can get the situation set up with the folks in Phoenix before then.

Because right now, I gently spoke about the disparity of the amount they are paying on the M power card every month and the amount that has actually been paid.  I can't just let this go. I thought about it long and hard, whatever happens, happens.  But I'm not going to have people lying to me that I trusted with my house and just think they can get away with it.  There was never any mention of reduced payments, it was always "I'll put the $250 on later on this month".  2 months they paid zero.  The rest of them they put on $100. They never told me about it, I knew something was going on but I didn't have access to my M power account - which I recently rectified.

I may have partial responsibility in now knowing what they were actually paying - but that was based on a trust that I had with them that is now lost.  They flat out lied to me, month after month. I trust very few people and this is another shutdown in that department.  I know I will never get any of that money back, that's a foregone conclusion.  She stopped responding. She admitted that "I haven't put on as much as I should have", but that doesn't account for lying about it.  Or not just coming forward and saying they can't afford it - because, obviously, of this 13 grand in credit card debt they've gotten themselves into.

I'm at a loss as to what to do about this now.  What else might be going on that I don't know about?  Should I make a surprise visit to Arizona and check up on my mother and my house and my son?  What do I say to her now? She admitted she had done "some" of it but didn't apologize.  Very unsettling.  I wonder how Mark feels about this? He's like the most honest person I know, he's not the one that's been telling me about making the payment later on the month, Lynnette has been saying that all along.  But once you lose trust in people, it's hard to over come.  Should I just evict everyone and sell the house? I'ts well above what I owe on it.  I'd rather have waited a few more years - that market value will continue to rise because of the location.  It's hot real estate - tho the people offering the cash payment for your house nonsense won't admit that.

People are refusing to move out of the neighborhood because it's far less expensive than anything within probably 10 miles besides the town of Guadalupe - I have no idea what housing is going for there.

Anyway, after checking again today to see if she had deposited anything and going over the last 9 months, I just couldn't ignore this any longer. Whatever happens - happens  I know I said I didn't want to stir the pot but these people freaking lied to me.  And took money that didn't belong to them.  Even out of the rest of the rent, there is at least one month where only $80 was put on the card reader where it should have been minimum $200 from my part of it.  I at the very least need her to apologize to me for this without my having to prod her to do so or I will have to contemplate what I want to do next. 


She finally apologized, at least, as I continued to press the issue. She for some reason mentioned
mark and their relationship isn't going so well. I said sorry to hear that, that doesn't change anything about what we're discussing. I'm not there, I don't know what's going on between them, I don't know if I should be concerned about the house or not. 

Enough of that. It's Friday morning, leaving in a few to head to the yard and head down to Brownsville. 

Short trip, got that over with. I no more than got back to the yard and left for home when I got a text from yet the newest version of a di...