Sunday, October 13, 2019

I've left the Phoenix house on hold. The conversation ended abruptly the other day for I had nothing good to say and I felt it better to just shut up, let some time pass, let some anger fall away and get some non-emotional reasoning going about the situation.  I didn't hold them accountable, that's my fault.  They lied, that's on them.  If this setup is going to go on, it will be with 100% accountability from now on.  I want phone numbers for every person living in there so I can text them, identify myself and my position with the house and ask them how much they are paying per month to live there.  I can no longer trust my "friends" to tell me the truth about anything.

Trust is not given away, It is something that is built up over time. And it is easily dispatched.  There was no legitimate reason to lie about the finances. I've never been "hard line" with them about it.  If they needed a grace period, I gave it to them. If they needed a free month here and there, I gave that as well. But I fully expect them to pay something for the privilege of living there.  She has a job, he does side jobs.  I'm not sure why they thought it was okay to deceive me the way that they did.  I'm going to let some more time pass on by to mellow out, calm down, chill out and make a logical decision about what I want to do next.

Meanwhile, my family.  This all started with an outrageous text message from my middle brother a few days ago telling the whole family to f*** off and saying that mom has "destroyed" the family "once again" and that we, his 2 brothers, have fallen for it hook line and sinker. Notwithstanding the fact that I had no idea, not a clue, what he was talking about excepting to try and read into the information that he gave in the text.  It had something to do with the medical report the doctor has written out and given to my oldest brother, and my brother, who thinks he's a doctor, giving his version of what mother should do with her decisions about what the doc is telling her.

Mother is her own person. A very strong willed person. I had no idea until yesterday that my middle brother was attempting to enforce medical decisions on my mother to the point of his going into his unbelievable temper tantrums and giving her hell for even daring to say she will do something different.  My middle brother IS a paramedic, he is not  a doctor.  If mother wants another doctor's opinion on something, what the bleep is wrong with that?  So I listened to this for a while yesterday, the back and forth my brother has been doing with her for apparently a long time now. 

My mood at this point is to laugh at that brother.  I sent several laughing emoji's and "lmao" back at him after he said in that same-said text he wanted nothing to do with our "delusional" family.  I firmly embrace that decision, I hope he follows through with it. He has been the toxic factor to every gathering - forever - decades.  He was cool in his teens, he became self-absorbed in his adult life and put his "reputation" above literally everything else.  My son wants nothing to do with him after his interaction with his wife at a Christmas function last year. I want nothing to do with any family functions if he is going to be there.  I will simply not show up to another family get together if middle brother is going to be there.  I can visit mom on my own time and my son as well.  I'd actually like to spend my next Christmas - coming soon enough - here, where I am currently living, with the people that i have come to know and love as my own family. 

The other factor with that brother is that he had my oldest brother duped into thinking his unbelievable reactions to anything that happens either with mother or me are somehow normal and justifiable.  He apparently doesn't believe that anymore.  I don't know how you could read some of his texts and not think he's mentally unstable. Or that he doesn't need some therapy. 

Anyway, my oldest brother asked me to post the entire thread of the conversation that occurred between us brothers when mother disappeared on her birthday.  He took care of her, I give him ample, exceeding credit for that.  He made sure she was okay. He went over there several times to check up on here. Us other 2 brothers had no access to her because she has left her phone in the Uber ride she had taken to the hospital - which amazes me she didn't call anyone to help her out. 

So, I took screen shots of everything and posted it.  Crickets for 24 hours. No replies from anyone.  Then mother said thanks.  But the oldest bro?  Is all offended now and won't talk to her.  This is my family. And reminds me why I don't care if I am not living over there.  Flights are cheap enough, I cn take one once a year, visit, have a shallow conversation with everyone because that's what they are all about, leave and feel like I've just wasted a round trip ticket, the drive to the airport, the parking fee, food, housing if any expenses for much of nothing. 

But, I do need to pull a surprise visit on my house.  We're going to sit down at my kitchen table there and we are going to have a face to face.  I don't know yet when I'm going to do that, but probably next month. 


Finally. Not just word on the boat but a video sent to me showing the thing running. Sounds like a hot rod, lol.  I mean, it sounds a lot better than it did before I took it over there.  6 cylinder 2 stroke, has a different sound to it.  He wants to take it on the lake after he gets it put back together and ready to go.  Which is good, I want someone that knows what they're doing to take it out there and make sure it's going to be dependable ride.  I have  plans for that boat.

Just spent the evening next door with the cop neighbor.  He's actually a banker and a cop.  Anyway, he invited me to head over to Dallas with him tomorrow.  Just out of the blue when we were leaving - it's starting to get late we can't just sit out there all night long lol - you can come along if you want.  He's very well connected.  Ultra rich people connected including folks working in the Cowboys, not going to go into detail since that's all personal stuff. I'm not making any claims of anything lol, I don't much care if a person is rich or poor, but it's interesting to hear him speak about these people that are multi millionaires that don't act that way.  You know what I mean, snotty, arrogant, stuck up. 

I might go, I dunno. Do something different, but I don't really want to miss the opportunity to go out on the lake, either.  Kind of a hard decision, tho the mechanic didn't say when he was going to wrap things up with it.  Might be a nice distraction tho, go to Dallas and meet new people, engage in a totally different type of atmosphere. 

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