Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Lol I have so many drafts in this blog that I never published. 

Anyway, 3rd day off.  I wanted to work today, but it just wasn't  happening, the work schedule has slowed down to a crawl.  But I did contact my manager this morning and politely asked if there was any possibility of working tomorrow? She contacted me back several hours later with a run to Brownsville for tomorrow.  Perfect, really  If I can get back before Friday at 5pm, I can get that on the next week's paycheck and it will be a decent one what with the other Brownsville run I'll have on there as well. 

Today, I went to Verizon and got this transition from ATT over to them started. I didn't want to just keep saying that I wanted to do it, it was time to do it.  I've got one more day on ATT before I have to pay another full month's bill. The phone in Phoenix, I just sent the simm card today and they will have that up and going on Thursday. The 3rd phone failed, it isn't working and I am shutting the line off temporarily, will add a 3rd line to the plan but only after we have some conversation about how much they are going to be paying per month for their portion of the rent. I don't care if they want to put it on the M power machine, that's fine, but the reality of it is that it best be showing that they are putting that full amount on there and not  - nothing at all - or a third of their obligation.  The third phone is contingent upon an agreement for more exposure.  Because I'll have to pay for that 3rd phone, the phones were simply a way of showing gratitude for running the house and taking care of things.  The cost was something like an extra $50 per month above and beyond my own plan.  The new plan I will have unlimited date and tethering for my laptop, of which I get on often enough to make it warrant extra money per month. My total bill will be $30 less per month than what I was paying ATT and with unlimited data I can stream movies and whatever I want on my laptop. 

I'm not giving up on them, I have determined, but I won't be cutting them any slack, either.  I want full accountability now that I know that I can't trust them.  It's up to them whether they want to continue with this arrangement or not, but if they ever lie to me again, I will likely react with "get the bleep out of my house, now" type of response.

Anyway, the talk part of dumping  ATT is over and done with. The action of getting rid of it altogether is almost complete.  I may have to pay for the Phoenix line for another month for I can't have that phone turned on until the simm card arrives.  Tho I think, since it's getting there Thursday, that they can just live without a functioning phone for less than a day and thank you very much, considering what has transpired anyway.  This is a no contract thing, btw, I won't have phone payments and I can dump the whole thing or some of it at any time. 

Okay so the boat outing almost left us dead in the water yesterday. Good thing for that test run.  And the bilge pump isn't working now - I went and bought a new one today, you don't want to be out on the water without an electric pump to pump out the water in the hull if there is a problem that occurs.  And it does have a leak, but not because of any cracks in the hull. I have come to the conclusion that one of the inlet lines must be leaking/broken in the hull itself.  There is a hole in the side of the boat - intentional hole - for a line going to the live well where you keep the fish you have caught and another one that pumps in air to aerate the water in that well.  I don't necessarily need  a live well if it's going to be a cause of the boat to sink, lol.  I really want it fixed but I don't think this mechanic is the right person to do that. There is a hull expert not too terribly far from here of which I am confident would get any leaks taken care of and won't cost that much to fix.  Or, I can put rubber expanding plugs in those holes and just block them up.  That may be the thing to do for now instead of spending even more money on this thing.  We can put a 5 gallon bucket on the boat and throw fish in there. Or just have a trailing line for keeping the fish attached to the boat on a line but still in the lake water. 

Anyway, I dropped the pump off at the mechanics place.  I didn't ask him about getting the idle fixed, he'll get to it when he gets to it.  The timing was off, we know that much, I also asked him to check the fuel pump and he said he was going to pull the carbs and make sure they are good - and I asked him to check the reed valves since he's pulling the carbs off.  If any of them are bad, that will cause the thing to run poorly. 

That's it for that for now.  I'm not going to worry about this boat. It will come together in due time. The hot season is over so any chance of skiing or tubing is gone until next summer. 

And with that, I have a dentist appointment. I was finally able to get them to get me in to hopefully get the new crowns put in. Shouldn't take him long to do that, it's just a matter of pulling the temps off and putting the permanents back on, which is a pretty quick process. 

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