Wednesday, October 16, 2019

An absolutely miserable day.

Started out with the alarm going off. I slept almost straight through the night, the only thing that happened was some thunder that woke me up but I went straight back to sleep.  I felt odd this morning, but I didn't give it much thought.  Just, hmm, I slept 7 hours I shouldn't be feeling this tired right now.

Off to work, to the plant - where I was held up 3 hours and down the road we go. I was miserably tired.  I just couldn't understand why I was so tired considering I had gotten sufficient sleep.

Further on down the road about 150 miles traffic came to a roaring stop.  I don't mean we were slow and go or even moving and stopping, it was flat out stopped.  And it stayed that way for an hour and 15 minutes.  And that's when I began to realize that I wasn't feeling well. Not just tired, but yucky.  I already knew there wasn't going to be any detention pay on this trip because another driver advised me there were empties sitting at the yard in Brownsville. 

After getting through that mess - I saw one of the vehicles being hauled off, I thought I had seen some bad stuff but this one takes the cake. It was a Ford pickup with 4 doors.  It was completely crumpled.  It looked like a giant hand had squished it much like you would an empty coke can.  The truck was almost a ball, a bit more conical in shape, but I couldn't see how any one could have lived through that. The rear axle was smashed around almost up  to the front  axle.  If that gives you any idea of how wicked that thing looked. 

Getting up to the scene of the accident - all law enforcement was gone. But - they had done their work with spray painting numbers onto the asphalt and lines and such, ending up at a crumpled portion of guard rail. What happened? I'll never know.  But fatalities are always investigated like that and the roadway is blocked and that's that.  I understand that, I just was feeling like hell. 

Houston I breezed through, then the 28 miles of construction south of Houston but after that I was just fighting fatigue.  I had to stop and sleep for at least 30 minutes.  So, I stopped at the TA truckstop in Ganado, filled the tanks and fell asleep immediately.  It doesn't take long for me to get to sleep normally anyway, but like that? I was out of here.  The alarm went off 30 minutes later, felt as if I had just gone to sleep.

I fought the rest of the way down here. Aching body, sore throat, runny nose, headache to hell, itchy watery eyes - dunno if I have a fever I don't have a thermometer with me.  I'm assuming a very bad cold or the flu.  If this garbage doesn't subside at least a little by morning I'm finding an urgent care and getting looked at. No clue where I picked this up from, no one at the house is reporting any of the same symptoms besides Taylor saying she has a scratchy throat. I hope it isn't what I've got. 

But my head! Dang!!! I finally got into the yard, got the trailer unhooked and headed straight to CVS for meds. And Kleenex.  And lip balm - my lips went cracked dry and even open?   What the heck is this thing that got me?  I ain't playing with this s*** anymore, I know if I don't go see a doc and get whatever they will give me, I'll just suffer needlessly and usually horrendously. I think some of this must be a sinus thing going, because I have intense pressure going on the front of my head. 

Whatever the case, my phone is switched over to Verizon.  I now have unlimited data and I can tether it to my computer and I can watch movies or do whatever I please without the constant worry about using up my data.  The real thing for me, tho, is dumping ATT.  Just no.  And now, I informed Lynnette that I'm canceling her service as well and she will have to deal with it.  The simm card will arrive tomorrow.  She'll probably have to got to verizon outlet to get it installed if she can't do it.  Or find someone that can. 

I heard nothing back from middle brother when I asked him in that group text about his telling everyone to f*** off - when no one had said anything like that to him  - and more importantly, that the basis of his saying that was based on his assumption that we had all been talking behind his back. I didn't even know what he was talking about, much less talking about him about it behind his back. He's written the family off forever, so he says, good riddance.  I doubt it's true but one can dream. It would give me much more motivation to spend Christmas's with the family. 

Empty trailers here.  Bummer. This is the one time where I actually need  there to be no trailers.  I'm underneath one in the yard, but leaving early in the morning is completely out of the question.  There isn't going to be any of that unless I just happen to wake up and say, gee, I feel so good right now!  I"m not setting the alarm, I don't care when I get up.  The loading plant is shutting down tomorrow and will be  shut down for two days.  Meaning, they won't be loading trucks at the plant for 2 solid days.  This is the time when I would love to make a trip back to Phoenix and check in.  There's no way I will have another load for at least 3 days and probably 4. 

I dunno. I'd rather suffer my illness at home, in bed, with my doggies and isolation.  I'll either force myself to drive back tomorrow - or go to a hotel and climb into bed. 

After 25-1/2 hours, they finally came out to get me to bring the trailer into their facility, drop it at the rack and come back out to wait ...