Sunday, October 20, 2019

Made it home last night at 1:05 am. 
Amazingly, many drivers take 4 days to do this trip which almost always only takes 2.  I'm not sure how that is advantageous to them to drag out a run that is only a total of 1,168 miles round trip for 4 days.  But I've spoken to 4 of them now that don't understand how other drivers make it down there in one day and back up the next.  Unless, of course, there is detention time making it worth staying down there.

Anyway, upon arrival at the yard last night, Danny - another driver - was in the office making food.  He had just dumped a bunch of cabbage and whatever else into a crockpot and declared that the office was going to stink like cabbage to anyone coming in there the next morning.

Lol.  He had been drinking -heavily  Non of my business, he's a cool person, just drinks a lot.  But we got into discussions about work.  I simply told him and have told others that tho there are some things here that are seriously bad, the pay at least somewhat helps level that out.  I mean, what is the company going to do? Fire every single driver that isn't a perfect little robot driver? They'd have to get rid of almost everyone. They  make various threats to everyone from time to time, but some of it is so vague and broad reaching, it would apply to almost anyone.  In the last 4 straight days of working I've made a nice sum of money. I could take the next 3 days off including today and not worry about 2 paychecks from now.  In fact, I probably will have 3 days off.  Way too many trucks in the yard and too few runs, I doubt I'll be going out on Tuesday. 

Monday is a given no, if I were going out tomorrow, she would have sent that to me on Friday.  No biggies, I'm in recovery mode finally of this sickness. Far from 100% but definitely feeling a lot better. And whatever happened to my hand? Has all but disappeared! Weird. I really don't get that at all.  But since the cold is in remission and the coughing has died down considerably, I'm not going to the doc unless it resurges.

It's Sunday and one thing I'm not doing today? Anything. There is no sense in doing anything that requires physical output when you are trying to recover from a cold. So, Addler was content to cuddle up with me in bed for several hours, we then went outside for a couple of hours - beautiful day, perfect weather, perfect temps - and now back inside and probably going to rest more. 


Well, my mother's long time companion had to be put down apparently yesterday. Pretty devastating to her.  She got that dog as a project to teach it how to become a service dog.  After a couple of years, the society that it was being done through determined the dog didn't have the right temperament and took the dog back.  They were going to adopt it out.  I remember asking mom why she doesn't just call the and tell them she wants it? So the next thing I knew, she was driving to California to get him. That was many years ago.  The dog was 13, had some sort of spine problem and finally wasn't able to get up.  That's what happened to one of my Danes, tho in that case his hips completely gave out. 

Meanwhile, my brothers are mad at her, tho my middle brother apparently has been starting shit with her for decades. I had no idea until mom just let that information out. She alluded to it a few times, that "You don't know the trouble I've had with him". No, I did not but she wasn't willing to give that info out and I didn't press her on it.  He has, yet again, allegedly written off the family and wants nothing to do with any of us for the rest of our lives.  Good for him. 

This is what they did with my dad. Wrote him completely off and wouldn't talk to him in any type of format. I never really thought they would do this with mom.  She's pretty old at this point, the "winter season" of life.  My oldest brother - no clue.  He believes she called him a liar, I seriously doubt that. He likely read more into what she was saying to him than he should have.  But, that wasn't a conversation that I was privy to.


I'm going to bed, still lacking energy. 

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