Thursday, October 31, 2019

Interesting day.
Well, last night-  got to Houston.  I wasn't going to be getting up at 2am to get down to Houston on time to deliver.  I was down there last night at a truckstop 4 miles away from the plant.  This morning? My version of cold.  41 degrees, high winds, enough to make me cold.

The scenario this morning was funny, at least in my view and posted on my Facebook page, so no need to go into it here.

Anyway, my manager was telling me yesterday that I will probably have to take a load out tomorrow - today - when I get back.  Okkkkkk.   I mean, I don't say anything about not wanting to take loads, I just take them whether I want to take it or not.  I don't want to be identified as anyone on her s***list.  We can, actually, refuse a load if we don't want to take it.  Not a good idea tho!

Anyway, today is Maria's birthday.  I found that out via Facebook - which always tells you about birthdays.  Maria is basically running the other house here.  So I wished her a happy birthday via text.  Getting back to the yard, the trailer wasn't there.  I headed to the other house - rent check due tomorrow, wanted to get that dealt with. Went home, took a shower and drove clear back over to the yard.  And then? Found out that the plant was behind and the driver that was pre-loading for me had reported that they had just started loading the trailer.

Well that's 2 hours at least by the time he gets out of there. I left, back to my town again. Lots of driving. 2 trips to my town were 140  miles.  Anyway, I went back to Maria;s - my other house basically - to get the dogs and spend a  night with me at least. But sitting there with maria, she had  a rotisserie chicken going, had asked if I wanted birthday dinner with her? Of course! But, that chicken wasn't going to be done for quite a while and wanted to get on with the day.  I have to get up early and get to the yard, hook up to that preloaded trailer and get on down the road to Brownsville.

So I casually threw in the conversation " we should just go out to eat". She was all over that.  I mean, no question about it, let's go !  So she decided to go to Chili's. We got there, ordered her a drink - she's a very light drinker type of thing - and got to discussing all kinds of thing, when her phone got her attention.

Her son! Wishing her a happy birthday and light talk.  He asked where she was at and she said at chili's, I had taken her out for her birthday and she was enjoying her time out.  That's how that conversation went and the call eventually ended.  We started talking again - I had no problems her talking to her son - and maybe 10 minutes later? This dude comes and sits down next to me, looking at Maria, who got this look on her face. 

So this dude started talking to her out of familiarity, I had no clue?  It was her son! Who was talking to her as if he was still at home in Houston! How cool?!! He drove a few hundred miles to show up unexpected for her birthday! She was totally elated, he is very cool, we spoke at length. I bought him dinner as well - he's freshly married, they spent their money lol. 

Great night, glad I was here for it.  Glad I helped it along, Maria had not knowledge of his arrival and I certainly didn't either.  Very nice. So, maria went home with him, I went over there to get my dogs - I'll take them even if only a night and up early - and that was that.  But yes, I'm up and out of here early in the morning. 

Down to Brownsville - very happy I'm not spending the night on the road, don't care if the plant had issues and that is why I am still here, good day.

And, g'nite.  : )

Trip done and over with.  Now, the funny part: the morning I left, another driver before me had loaded for Brownsville. He is still in Brown...