Friday, November 8, 2019

Just a quick update this morning - at 4:00 am - getting ready for work.  Rudely awakened out of deep, restful sleep and some weird dream that I couldn't possibly explain why it happened the way it did or what the purpose of it was - but all of my dreams are weird if I happen to remember them when I wake up. 

I have never liked the first load and today is no different. It's too early, I've been sleeping in the last 4 days in a row - that's my fault but it sure felt good! I didn't get out of bed until 9:00 am yesterday lol.  Anyway, I went ahead and did the Southwest airlines tickets.  $201.96 total including taxes and fees.  That takes me to Sky Harbor right smack dab in the heart of Phoenix and the metropolitan area.  That was around $175 cheaper than the nearest other offering I could find either leaving out of  Dallas or leaving out of the small airport near here.

Well, excepting the cheap airlines like Spirit. Buying a cheap Spirit ticket is only the beginning. You have to literally pay for everything else.  Flying out of the local airport is limited to American Airlines and the cheapest ticket I could find for that was $383.  And they charge $25 for the first checked bag - each way - and $30 for the second.  I won't need 2 bags but that's another $50 I saved by going Southwest as well.  I probably won't like driving to Dallas, but the savings were too good to pass up.  And I've found a hotel that has paid parking for as long as you need it at $4 per night, with a free shuttle going every hour to the airport. 

I will remember - or try to anyway - that Southwest has online checkin 24 hours before the posted flight departure.  If I recall correctly, checking in as early as possible gets you in the first line of people boarding the plane.  Meaning you aren't back in the restroom area and when it's time to get off, you get off faster.  It truly sucks being the last person on the plane and trying to find that seat and somehow find room in the overhead to find a place for your bag or coat or whatever.  I check in a large bag tho, and I don't mind traveling with a large suitcase because I usually have stuff to bring back with me. 

Well that's my current excitement besides this kid at the other house who, for unknown reasons, texted me "GAMES!" and when I asked him what he was talking about and why he was contacting me, he called me a "f****** idiot" to which I responded that I was only a mile away from him and if he continued with the foul name calling, I would be coming over there and he could say that s*** to my face.  Not another word from him since then. Note I didn't threaten him, and literally wouldn't have done anything physical to him for he isn't worth jail time over and having that on my record, but I would have gone over there, that's a fact. 

Well, departure time has arrived, I'm headed to Brownsville again today. 


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