Sunday, November 10, 2019

An entire day of drama and bullshit.

A trailer showed up down in Brownsville around 11:00 am. Good, I get to go home today.  Got that thing hooked up and took off.  A short time later?  I started getting texts from Maria.  The kid - the blowhard with the attitude - starting shit with her.  He was cussing her out, telling her to f***  off.  It was only the beginning of today's woes and misery with a clueless 18 year old kid that has anger issues up the ying-yang.

Nooooo, I have the timeline way off. It's been a long day. This shit started at around 8:00 am.  By the time I left the yard down there we were well on our path to earthly hell. It was a day filled with this kid cussing Maria out on multiple occasions, jabbing his knee into the dogs including mine, throwing things around and slamming doors.  The kid has serious issues. We knew that after he had  moved in and was in just a short time.  I still don't take any blame for this for I cautioned Maria before she rented it to him that this was likely going to cause problems.  He has no job, no work history, no income, to start with.

I'm going to skip a lot cause' it's too much to write all of it out - this literally went on all day long and into the night.  At some point I texted the kid and told him if he touches any of the dogs again, I'm going to call the police.  He did laughing emoji's and said what, are you going to tell them to arrest a kid for petting the dogs?  "Keep pushing it and you will find out".  Then he called me a "fuc**** baby" and that's when I took screen shots of all of it and sent it to his parents.

It was a few hours before the mom saw it and she had a meltdown. She went off about how she was going to deal with this and yada yada yada.  I wonder where she was the rest of his life? Or the father for that matter.  At the end of this ordeal and drama, mom did finally come over.  The boy wouldn't open his door for her - Maria was recording the whole thing.  Mom tried to coax him to open the door but finally gave him 5 minutes to open it or she would unlock the door herself and come in.  Well, she had to unlock the door. It went on for hours.  He wouldn't leave. She took his computer away from his - that's literally a part of him for all intents and purposes and he started very loudly protesting.

But she got it, took it out to the car and that's when he started to change his mind about leaving.  She ended up taking him to a homeless shelter about 45 miles from here - but they were closed, ie: not taking anyone in at night.  Most of them are like that, you have to get there early.

It was then and there at that facility that she sent a series of texts - alluding to bringing him back to the house.  NO way on earth that kid was coming back. He voluntarily handed over his key to the house, that's where it ended legally.  Maria got on that group text as well - she was beside herself by that point in time, she wouldn't even think about the possibility of this jerk-off kid coming back and told me in separate text she wouldn't open the door for them if they did show up.  In the end, the mom wanted to come and get his dirty laundry, Maria said fine, I'll leave it outside for you.  And she did exactly that, and wouldn't come out for them.

It was that bad.  I mean, I was furious after I found out that boy was sticking his knees into the dog's sides.  If that mom hadn't come over to get him, I would have definitely called the police yesterday.  The harassment and abuse he was heaping on Maria and messing with the dogs would be enough for them to at least come and have a "discussion" with the boy.

I started this post last night but finishing it today - now Sunday.  I got home late, around 11:00 pm, well I went to Maria's first to get the dogs and to chat with her for a few.  Today, I went over there and the across-the-street neighbor was also there.  We got all of this out of our systems.  Fortunately, we have weeks before the next rent payment is due, hopefully enough time to find another renter.

That's the story in a "nutshell". Just don't want to relive all of that.  I've gone through bad renters before, this one near the top of the "worst" heap. There were a couple worse than him, but not by much.  I knew my instincts were good about this kid, tho, when I first heard the story.  There's got to be more to this story than what the parents are telling Maria, I thought and expressed to her.  They are dumping him for some reason.  The boy really needs some serious therapy.

Anyway, it's already 2:00 pm.  I got up early this morning and headed to walmart to get dog food for the other house.  She apparently ran out because she said that I needed to get some before I leave again. I usually get much more of an advance warning, but it's cool.  James and Taylor are leaving soon to go up to Texarcana to get the youngest boy - he's been at grandma's for several days they were trying to see if they could help with him getting up all night long and screaming and crying. The word is that they made a "little" progress.  That doesn't really sound too encouraging. I don't hear much of it, sometimes if he's really screaming at the top of his lungs I'll wake up but mostly I sleep through it cause I'm on the other side of the house.  But, if he starts up again tonight, they'll have yet another sleepless night and then up for Monday work early.

The 4 wheeler problem has been diagnosed - bad carburetor, everything corroded.  Mechanic said he could replace all the stuff, but for the time spent and the kit, it would be cheaper to just order a new carb.  Well how much? I was thinking some ridiculous amount of money, he said $80.  Ohh, well let's do that.  And put in a new fuel pump while  you're at it - a $10 part.  And something else he said I can't remember what, but altogether $120 worth of parts.  I'm spending a  bit more on toys than i really want to, but once this stuff is all fixed I am hopeful that the spending part on repairs is over for a while.  Oh, the battery was bad, that's it.  I've heard nothing about the boat, just going to leave that alone until he figures out what's wrong with it.

As for the rest of today? Nothing.  I have one load of laundry and the rest of the time I'm going to relax.  Brownsville tomorrow morning. I'm the only one going down there, but today 2 went down. I'm hopeful that means there will be no empty trailers when I get there and at least overnight detention pay.  Would be very helpful in keeping my account balances up while paying for these repairs and parts.  I got really lucky, the first run is Stryker, Ohio - not my favorite run, I'll do it but it's at the bottom of the list of better paying runs - and Oklahoma- a not so good paying run that takes up two days and really isn't worth the time spent.  The only good thing  I like about that run is the casino, if I'm inclined to go. I haven't been in quite a while.

Oh, and Addler.  It was so bad, stressed out and negative atmosphere yesterday, he was not himself when I got him.  He had this look on his face and he wanted constant attention.  Not that that is totally unusual, when I come back from a run he wants that every time. But this went on for hours.  I stayed awake late last night just petting him and trying to calm him down a bit.  I think Addler was sensing Maria's state of being - which wasn't good with this kid cussing her out and all the rest of it.  He seems to be doing okay today.  My instinct the other day was to leave them at the house and I didn't follow through with that.  I'll listen to that instinct the next time if something like this ever happens again. They would have been far better off here, alone in the back yard than over there with all that drama going on.

Anyway, I'm getting off here.


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