Tuesday, November 12, 2019

There was a trailer here last night when I got here - after driving in the rain for hours and hours on end - no tractors in the parking lot.  But, lo and behold, there was a driver in the parking lot at Loves. I wasn't taking that trailer - I want the detention pay, that's his trailer and don't try to pawn it off on me.  Well, he's been idling that truck for 2 days so now he is having a regen problem.  If he's stuck here another day, I'm taking that trailer that is already here out of here and just eat the detention pay.  I just got off the phone with him, there is a Peterbilt shop right down the street from the truck yard - I imagine they'll be able to fix it in no time.  Just hook up a computer, force it into regen mode and it should be good to go.

Because otherwise? I could have left out of here hours ago.  Don't get me wrong here: He wants that empty trailer.  He's been down here for days, apparently, and is ready to go home.  So, I'm waiting for him to call me back and let me know what the shop says.  Otherwise, the yard dude said there's a trailer in Matamoros - but it has a bad tire on it.  It's one of the plant owned trailers, so they don't want to bring it over here until the plant decides what to do about it.


Well that ended quickly  I did not get the detention pay, the other driver is a screw-up type of person.  He idled the truck 2 days - again - and messed up the DEF system - again.  So, he ended up going to Peterbilt and I ended up having to pull that trailer out of there.  I actually contacted my manager after he said he would have to wait for quite a while to find out what's wrong.  My manager about had a cow - he should have left last night.  If he had left, the DEF system wouldn't have screwed up and yes, I would still be sitting down there for another night getting that delicious detention pay.

But it's whatever.  Just kind of irritated me because of this guy's screwups I didn't get what otherwise would have been mine: at least $350 in extra pay.  Anyway, she wanted that trailer back to the yard tonight, it's going back out tomorrow.  Ok, I'll get it there. On the way back, she sent me another trip sheet via texting: a load for me to take out tomorrow morning, with the trailer I am pulling, going straight back to Brownsville!  Lmao, I looked at the loading time: 6:15 am.

Now, I'll take that run without any complaining, it's going to be 3 brownsville runs on one paycheck and yes, that is going to be a very sweeeeeet paycheck.  BUT - there is no way I could get back tonight in time to get the required 10-hour break to give me a full clock again and I informed her of such, asking if she could get me a different loading time slot.  20 minutes later - I can have Mike preload it for you, will that be okay?  At least she asked and didn't try to dictate anything to me. 

But absolutely yes, please have him preload it.  I won't have to go to work til much later.  Like around 10:00 am. After this trip, I will be home for 2 days or a day and a half at least cause' I will be completely out of hours. 

Meanwhile, the boat mechanic sent me a video today.  He put the new spark plug wires and spark plugs on the engine, fired it up and got it going.  He then took a video of it. It was idling really nicely. I mean, if it sounds in person what it sounded like on that video, my engine idling woes are all but over.  Right now? It's far too cold for me to want to take a boat out on a lake.  He, however, said he was taking it to the lake to set the carbs again.  He's a few miles away from a boat ramp, I get that he doesn't have a water container big enough to set the engine into and have that back pressure created. 

The ATV?  Nothing. Lol, I haven't taken him the money yet to order the parts.  I was going to do that tomorrow - I had no idea I was going right back out again.  If I had the money here I would just hide it in a safe place and he can come get it - he comes up to our town all the time.  Oh well.

And, it's 25 degrees here right now. I walked into my room and it was freezing  cold in here. Yup, I fired up my rather large heater - but it's taking it quite a while to warm things up in here.  I'm going to have to get a thermometer in here so I can stop guessing the temp in this room. Low 60's anyway.  Like little dribbles of heat come out of the ceiling outlet, not even enough to warm the room up from the central heat. It's been an hour and it's still quite cool in this room, lmao.

However, I think it's time to go snuggle up in bed and get some sleep.  Another long day tomorrow....


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