Monday, November 18, 2019

Well yesterday certainly didn't turn out like I expected.  I was sitting in that truck yard (Brownsville) waiting for a trailer to show up that yard man said was coming.  The yard man is wrong about 30% of the time.  He was wrong on Friday as well.  At 5:00 pm, I saw him out there looking at a trailer so i went over to ask him when this trailer was going to show up - I still fully expected it was coming.  Ohhh, noooooo, there isn't any trailer coming today.  lol.

Okayyyy.  I got out my phone and texted my manager: hotel room, please, I'm staying a second night.  So yessss, I ended up at the Marriott Residence once again.  I very much enjoyed that, tho I have to say i really wanted to head home yesterday.  I know, it's a lot of extra money for doing nothing, but I was just feeling a tad bit home sick.

Whatever the case, I left the hotel this morning earlier than I normally would have - figured they would have one there earlier than normal.  Sure enough, two trailers showed up at 11:00 am and I was OUT of there, got back faster than normal and was happy to get the dogs, get home and settle in.

Meanwhile, the boat is done. Except the leak. The mechanic lifted it up and looked at the areas where the hull sits on the boards. Nothing.  Extremely perplexing.  Actually rather irritating.

Monday, early.  Heading to a plant in La Porte, Texas today.  It's a day trip.  Load, drive down, they unload the trailer, drive back up.  Another driver told me it's the only load going out today and for the next 3 days.  Didn't really want to do it, another of those low paying trips, but if I'm really going to be off 2 or more days, then best get busy.  Allegedly, the loading plant is going to be shut down for 3 days - to do what I have no idea, I'll find that out this morning. 

Monday, lol.

Whatever the case, it's time to get out of here.

Happy Monday!

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