Thursday, November 21, 2019

Uhhh, been a few days since I wrote anything. My third day off in a row.  Hardly surprising since there were 12 trucks in the yard 3 days ago and they have only been loading one truck a day for the 3 days, allegedly ending today.  In other words, the plant is supposed to fire back up today and trucks start loading normally. Up til now, they were loading the trucks off of full rail cars - which they loaded intentionally to be able to cover one specific client that "desperately" needed the product, one load per day, 3 days in a row.  

It is likely that some of the plants shut down during this period as well to do maintenance.  They do this stuff in concert and plan it out in advance.  If the production plant for the chemicals must shut down, these other plants have the same opportunity to do repairs and usually replacing old parts that they want to replace, but want to wait til an opportune moment to do so.  The Mapleton plant blowing up is still of come concern, next time I see my manager - which isn't that often - i want to ask about whether anyone was injuring in that blast.  Besides that, it was good for 2 loads per week, quite consistently excepting for plant shutdowns and break downs. 

I'm not sure what I'm doing today.  There are thousands of leaves that have fallen off the trees, most notable in the back yard, but it seems a waste of time to clean all of that mess up until ALL of the leaves have fallen. Not even half of them are down off the trees yet.  I smoked a turkey 2 days ago an it turned out beautifully.

However, yesterday.  I was at Chili's. I ordered buffaloe'd bone in wings.  I've done it many times.  I was brought a plate full of breaded wings and just sat there looking at this huge plate filled with carbs included a ton of french fries. The bartender said "enjoy!" and walked off.  A moment of decision. Shall I not eat it and order something else? Note that previous orders had been non-breaded and I didn't know they had changed their menu and I also had forgotten to order broccoli in place of french fries... Or just take a cheat day for once and eat the whole pile?  I opted for the latter. Fried, battered foods and hot, crunchy french fries.....After that carb-filled visit, I went all out and went to DQ and got a large chocolate filled Blizzard.  That  was a mistake. I crashed so hard later on from that I literally had to go lay down in bed for a few hours.  

But, that didn't stop me. When dinner time came around, I ordered a pizza loaded with my favorite toppings - tho the toppings aren't the carb killers  in pizza, it's the crust that gets you.  I ate waaaaay toooooo much of that and knew what I was in for last night.  I couldn't stop myself, I just kept eating it.  Yup, my system doesn't handle too much pizza well.  Never has.  It will keep me up half the night.  Interestingly, keeping me up wasn't an issue, but extreme heart burn was. A couple large gulps of pepto bismol took care of that.

And now? Right back on keto.  It's much easier to restart after only cheating a day than it was when I got back from the Galveston vacation and had been off for 6 days. It took sheer will power to back into the Keto diet, but I remembered what I was looking like before I had started the diet, that was the motivation I needed to get back on it.  

I probably just won't eat until this afternoon and try to kick start back into keto.  I guess a bit of leaf raking would help burn out some of those carbs as well.  

But, I have been watching these impeachment hearings - watching a lot of it actually - and not it's getting boring.  It's different people saying the same things.  There isn't going to be any new "blockbuster" revelations.  Tho CNN's and other left leaning media outlets determination of these hearings as as giant revelations and "clearly" impugn President Trump are hardly realistic or credible.  Not that I give CNN any credibility anyway after 2 plus years of wild collusion conspiracy theories, none of which were based in any facts. 

Sondland's testimony allegedly was the final nail in the coffin, according to Cuomo and others on CNN. Yet, he said that Trump said he doesn't want anything, no quid pro quo.  That sondland had made presumptions that Trump had engaged in it and that he literally had no first hand knowledge that Trump had done any such thing.  The "evidence" thus far is lacking.  I assumed it would be, but I have watched this sham of hearings and have concluded that democrats will impeach Trump with or without any credible facts and it will go to the Senate where it will either A: have endless investigations to tie up democrat senators who should otherwise be on the campaign trail or B: drop the thing altogether, dismiss it and move on.  

What are democrat lawmakers currently "doing" besides these hearings?  Pelosi has had the new trade deal between Mexico, the US and Canada sitting on her desk for how long? These hearings are purely politically motivated wastes of legislators time.  They should be about the business of dealing with what they were voted to in to do.  But enough.  I am going to shut that off and just look at whatever highlights will come out of these hearings today as I have no desire to waste yet another day watching this stuff.  


And with that, the day is done.  I have a run going to Brownsville tomorrow - but late start.  It was going to a Saturday run, but the plant wanted it sooner so instead of 6:30 am load time, it's noon.  I like something in between, because noon loading means I'll be hitting Houston during rush hour traffic.  I mean, I'll do it, drive right through that chaos - but I don't like.  The option is to go around the route that I dislike even more.  Not really many good routes around it  Adds 45 minutes to an hour - minimum - going through there during rush hour.  I dunno, I'll have to think about this one because there is 80% chance of rain all the way down there tomorrow, which screws things up even more, especially during rush hour.  

Anyway, I'm outta here.  

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