Monday, November 25, 2019

Thanksgiving en-queue - but I suspect I'll be on the road. No way to know that for sure, but if she were to send me out on a two day run tomorrow, I'd be home for Thanksgiving.  If the next day then probably not depending on the run. These plants don't shut down - 24 hour operations - excepting of course when the break down.  Part of the deal with working for this company - you agree to working weekends and holidays. 

I'm resolved to do that as long as Christmas is free.  I asked her again, she simply said remind her when it's close.   Some drivers are gone already for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I didn't ask for any days off before or after Christmas, I have no intention of using vacation pay.  I'm saving that for the coming year.  I think I have 155 hours available. Well I'll use some for the trip to Phoenix but if I want to travel anywhere the next coming year, I'll need something to buffer my income while I'm doing whatever. 

Whatever the case, the two year old got into mom's bottle of pills yesterday.  Somehow, he not only managed to climb up onto the counter, he also managed to open a child proof cap.  Apparently he took them out, took them to his room and that's where he was found with them.  They went to the hospital where they gave him charcoal and put him on IV's of whatever, I dunno.  He's fine as far as I have heard and supposedly coming home today. 

This, after the boy had gotten into my Atkins choco bars the day before.  I had no understanding tho, that he was actually able to climb up onto the counter, looks near impossible for a person that small and young to be able to climb up there.  The first time he did it, mom caught him.  The second time, grandpa caught him. The third time? No third time, I took them into my room. The things are expensive and I don't eat much of it, just here and there as a treat.  Low carb and high protein and very tasty, actually. 

They did blood tests on him and came back with nothing.  Not sure the kid actually ingested any of those pills, I'm sure they don't taste very good.  But they did an EKG and kept him overnight for observation as a precaution.  Yup, it's time for them to lock down the medications.  And anything else they don't want him getting into, he won't listen to anyone, he does whatever he pleases even knowing he'll be disciplined.  I believe it's just cause' the discipline isn't that bad yet.  He doesn't get spanked on the bar ass - yet  - cause of his age. Just a pat on the diapers which don't really do anything at all.  But, you still have to lock everything up.  That's just the facts of it. 

And other things can be done.  Such as keeping him under constant supervision.  Or just locking him out of the kitchen area - that would easily done since there are doors into the kitchen and dining room area, could just put key locks on them and not have to worry about anything.  I don't think they'll go for that idea, but I'm going to bring it up anyway. 

Whatever the case, today or next day I have free I'm going to get a keyed lock for my bedroom door and eliminate any wanderings into my room.  I don't have anything particularly dangerous, I just don't want him in there when I'm not home.  I have stuff that he's already gotten into once. Threw away a battery that cost me $10 to replace and he just takes stuff, walks off with it, dumps it into the trash or hides it.  A keyed lock would virtually eliminate that problem when I'm not here and it's cheap enough to boot.

And, getting some stuff for Maria to make to bring to the Thanksgiving affair.  There will be around 13 people here and she is making the dessert.  I have to get that today, lol, the lock can wait it's at a different store.  But it's getting close to T  Day and she wanted this stuff a few days ago, I just get busy with this and that and going to stores isn't my forte. 

The mechanic has the ATV totally torn down. Leaking seals and had to take the front differential apart to fix them.  And some sort of sensor in the differential that isn't working correctly that shifts it from 4 to 2 to 4 wheel drive mode.  I'm hoping that thing will be in "perfect" condition for a 2002 model.  In other words, whatever it looks like, irrelevant to me, just looking for functionality.  If it works, I'm happy. 

Well, awaiting the arrival home of mom and the boy. They've both been in the hospital the entire night, james went to work today but was there until last night as well.

With that, time to get some stuff done. 

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