Thursday, November 28, 2019

I was - amazed - to find almost nothing left after getting home. A friend of James/Taylor posted on my FB wall a pic of a plate of a feast of a dinner and said she'd try to save it for you. We had fun going back and forth about that - she showed the plate empty after that, but I thought she was joking.  I had no idea that she was being serious. That's a pretty cruel "joke".  I spend the entire day alone, on the road, no thanksgiving, no family, no friends, go to the other house, get the dogs, see a kid sleeping on the couch (NO idea what that is about and Maria was sleeping), come home, everyone is gone, they are all asleep - except the 2 year old screaming about something - go to the refrigerator and find no plate, most of the food gone and - wth.

I've been having thoughts about leaving this place with various things going on here for a while now, I've just not said anything to anyone about it.  The good and the bad. Obviously no situation is ever going to be perfect, but there have been a lot of liberties taken at my expense in recent times that have me wondering if I shouldn't take an abrupt change. 

3 houses worth of bills and headaches, it's really getting old.  The house in Phoenix is going to have a real surprise when I show up and sit down at the kitchen table and tell these people what is going to happen from now on.  It will not be a terribly pleasant engagement.  If they decide they don't want to deal with it, they can leave, along with everyone else and the house will go up for sale.  Not my first choice but I'm not going to have these people pulling shit on me. 

The other house here - Maria is a good person as far as I have seen, people trust her in the neighborhood with their dogs, kids,, houses. I assume the kid sleeping on the couch must be some situation with a family needing help with babysitting, I didn't know about it so opening the front door and getting Addler in my face - that wasn't unusual lmao - but the couch is right there and seeing  this kid laying there snoring away was rather shocking. Listed in the  "Things You Didn't Expect - At All" category.  When exiting with dogs, he opened his eyes, looked at me and I just - said howdy lol - and left.  I have no clue who that person is.  I'm willing, regardless of that scenario - to continue with that house, it's just the endless crap with service providers that irritates me. 

Alright, well I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow will be a different day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, a blessed day in the Lord and fun times with family and friends. 

For my part, still in Brownsville at 11:14 am Thanksgiving Day, but just informed that a trailer is coming, but apparently there is a lot of trucks waiting in line at the border on the Mexico side to get in.  So, he said probably around 2:00 pm a trailer should show up.  Well, if that happens, I doubt I'll drive all the way through today, but I"ll definitely make it up to Houston or further so I don't have to deal with the madness that will be on the roadways tomorrow down here.  Everyone came down yesterday, a lot will be going back up tomorrow.  I suppose the really bad day tho will be Sunday if a lot of people are making it a vacation to go home for Thanksgiving. 

I can't think of anywhere I can go on the way up to stop for a Thanksgiving dinner, so I'll just forego it this year and have leftovers tomorrow when I get home.  I also thought about Black Friday deals at Walmart and such, but there is nothing that I saw advertised that I need, maybe a few things I want, but I'll pass. I'm spending my money on my 4 wheeler instead, that will be Christmas gift enough to myself.  I already paid for the parts, but I suspect the labor bill will be around $300 since he's tearing the thing apart. 

But he's already got the thing running and it sounds as healthy as it ever did.  So the rest of it is just fixing things that I didn't get to, such as a bad bearing and some leaking seals.  Then next year I'll buy another one to have the ability for company to go along with me and have some fun.  There are a few people that are interested in going for sure.  And of course the boat.  But I'm not going out on the lake in 30 degree weather.  My goal right now is to get it to the reservoir, get it off the trailer, pull it up to the shore, get a good flashlight and see if I can see where the water is coming in at.  It's very perplexing.  You'd think if there is a breach in the hull you would easily see that.  Nope.  So its got to be something we can't see, I think I have it narrowed down to 2 possibilities: Either the motor where it hooks up to the transom is letting in water from perhaps an unseeable crack behind it or the other inlet that takes water to the live well is leaking somewhere along the way. 

Other than that? Just playing the endless waiting game that is to be had down here.  I could probably find a T dinner down here, but it's not late enough in the day yet, and there is allegedly a trailer coming.  I'll take getting out of here over eating a meal.  I far prefer day driving than night.  The stripes (gas station with a buffet) in Riviera might be serving turkey, if it happens that I get out of here, I'm going to stop on the way up and see.  They always have tons of fresh baked chicken if nothing else. 

Have a great day : )

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