Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Well it's been a few days since last posting lol.  I had 4 full days off after getting back from the last run on Thanksgiving night. Not exactly what I wanted, at all.  I really need to be running right now full steam for a few weeks to get Christmas stuff and for the upcoming trip to Phoenix.  

The cards are not in my favor. As suspected and now confirmed, the Brownsville run has ground to a halt. The plant in Altamira, Mexico broke down, they were going to do a pre-planned maintenance shutdown shortly after that, they decided to just shut the plant down from the day whatever broke - usually a pump - until the 11th of this month. That is a major blow to the available runs.  The Oklahoma run is, however, back online. It's nothing even remotely close to the miles and potential pay the Brownsville run has, but it's better than nothing. 

And, Cheniere has started ordering again.  That's up and down with them.  The fill up their 3 huge tanks with our product at both facilities and then - you  might not hear from them again for a month or even a few months.  

And then there's a client we used to have near Houston.  I can't name names or specific location in this case, but they acquired their own fleet of trucks last year I think it was and they stopped using us altogether.  And out of the blue? They are using us again?  

Regardless, I am in Decatur, Alabama at the moment. It's about the same miles as Brownsville - tho no detention pay is to be had here excepting the few hours it takes them to unload the truck and get me out of here. The 2 rednecks that unload the truck despise the job.  They complain about it every single time I come up here - which isn't that often.  I guess I don't really care, they can go off on themselves, I just stand there and throw in a few lines here and there - even tho they are unloading the trailer I am required to stand back there the entire time in case something goes foul.  They know as much as I do about the trailer side of things.  

I didn't take the boat out during that 4 days off, the days that the weather was permitting were too cold.  I don't need to be on a lake in 40 degree weather. The 4 wheeler parts haven't showed up, so that's idle as well - I'll go 4 wheeling in any weather.  I did, at least, start working out - yet again, lol -  and I also got out back and started the ridiculous job of cleaning up all those leaves, acorns, dead branches and spike ball things that fall off the trees.  We let the back yard go far too long.  

Flights.  I dunno, just didn't go there today. Looked at few sites.  An interesting thing popped up with Norwegian cruises.  They are doing a sale for a couple more days and not only giving discounted fares but several perks for free.  

Whatever the case, I didn't sleep well at all last night. Woke up around 1 am and never got back to sleep.  So, yea, I'm a bit on the weary side and going to bed early tonight. 

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