Thursday, December 5, 2019

The dogs took precedence over the boating outing today.  They needed rabies shots and they needed checked for heartworms and other shots.  So, I took both of them in at the same time.  I'm not interested in taking separate visits to the vet anymore unless of course, there is some sort of issue beyond the normal scope of a regular vet visit. The fact is, Aspyn hasn't been to a vet in well over a year, so I had blood work and shots and a whole workup done on her. On both dogs I had heartworm test. Aspyn had heartworms, Addler was diagnosed with them at another vet office which was repudiated by this veterinarian last year.

They both came up with completely good bill of health.  I initially went in there for rabies shot and get the yearly license.  I have wanted Addler chipped for a long time, today was the day.  Addler was not a happy camper today.  I know he doesn't like needles - he hates it and I always suggest a muzzle just so they all feel safer around him while they're doing that.  So the vet brought in 2 aids and a muzzle for me to put on him, lol.  He growls, that's it.  Everyone rubbing on him, it was a sequential growl and pleasure and growl and pleasure sound lmao.  I always hold his head and rub his ears and speak sweet dog nothings to him lolol.  It helps, I think. 

Of course, it's always humorous to see the other clients in there moving away from Addler as tho he is some sort of death threat. He doesn't growl at anyone, he doesn't act aggressive in any way.  He's just Addler, lol, but giant breed doggies intimidate some people - maybe a lot of people I guess. 

The other part of the day was spent working on the leaves.  Unbelievable. These giant, 100 foot tall trees just dump and dump and dump. On some days, it's literally like it's snowing leaves.  They're close to done. Still some leaves left but it's mostly on the ground. So, I got the blower out again and blew the leaves towards the fire pit area and created a giant pile of leaves Dumped some gasoline on it, made a trail of gas away from it and lit it up.  A  minor explosion sound lol.  But, gasoline works best IMO to get good hot coals going to ensure all the leaves are going to turn into ashes. 

Hours of that stuff and there is still plenty to go!  I haven't even started on the front yard......

Tomorrow is another day. Another day without work, of course.  I expect minimum 3 days off, not that I want that, but until Brownsville run fires back up, it's going to be slim pickings. Or not? I might get lucky? lol. 

Off to bed. 

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