Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Whatta day.  First off, I was disappointed to find out this morning that the restaurant/country store doesn't open until 10:00 am.  No way I was waiting for that place to open.  I ended up walking half a mile to get a cup of coffee. Good leg stretching and a bit of exercise never hurt even in 25 degree weather lol. 

Drove straight back - stopping only for fuel and a quick shower at a Love's in Texas. Got to the yard and saw all kinds of vehicles with out of state plates in front of the office. Big wigs/upper management, I presumed, there for whatever purpose, I did everything by the book figuring I was likely being watched.  Not really helping me, just trying to make my manager look good.  See, look at the drivers, they follow all of your (ridiculous) protocols! I thought and so I did. After that, go inside and sure enough, a bunch of upper management there for what purpose I had no idea and didn't have the desire to find out, I was on a mission to get all kinds of stuff done, chit chatting with them wasn't on my agenda.

I did get introduced to all of them anyway, shook hands, said sorry to cut this short, but I'm flying off to Dallas tomorrow, I've got a lot to do.  They offered me pizza - I said no thanks on a diet.  Which I was - until I get back to my town today and stopped for a quick bite and decided it was time to start my cheat at chili's with a burger loaded with all kinds of carbs.  It was delicious, including the french fries. 

Anyway, I got out of there, headed over to Walmart to get fuel cheap, went to Chili's, went to Maria's got the dogs, went home,  a load of laundry done, spent time with my pups, packed my bags.  Taylor and the kids came home and I said hi to them, then remembered I needed to book a hotel and parking - did the same place as I did last year, got all of that done and finally left. Back to maria's, drop the dogs off, meet some new potential tenants,  flew on down the highway at a rather high rate of speed and am finally here, in Dallas at the hotel which is only like 3 miles from the airport. They have a shuttle leaves here at 4:00 am - my flight leaves at 6:00 am, I should be good. 

Drive drive drive. Finish the drive out from West Virginia, drive home, drive to Dallas. My life is encapsulated with driving all over the place. 

Well I guess it's bedtime. 9:00 pm - gotta get up at 3:30 am at the latest, maybe 3:00 am so I can drink some coffee.  I have nothing more than to leave this room, get on a shuttle, get to the airport, check in my baggage, get through security when I get there and snooze until they start calling people to board the plane.

Hmmm, but I am off the diet temporarily, I'm sure some breakfast potatoes will be in the works somewhere in there.


Trip done and over with.  Now, the funny part: the morning I left, another driver before me had loaded for Brownsville. He is still in Brown...