Thursday, December 12, 2019

And let the fun begin!
Up at 3:15 am - no way am I missing the shuttle to the airport, might as well save a little money along the way.
Didn't sleep maybe 3 hours lol.  Too much road noise in the room. It finally settled down around midnight and I was able to get some sleep after that.

But..I have nothing much that I have to do today, so I can sleep on the plane and sleep when I get to mom's house.

Oh, yes, no hotel stays in Arizona.  No paid trips via Uber or Lyft excepting to get to mom's house - she isn't good driving into busy airports and I don't blame her. But, she is letting me use one of her trucks while I'm there.  

So, expenditures on this trip are rather on the light side compared to other trips - such as Galveston which broke the bank lol.  

Anyway, I need to be in the lobby in 15 minutes, so here I go.
Haven't been on  a plane since last year making this same trip : )


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