Saturday, December 21, 2019

It will be a total of 10 days off.  I was good at 7.  Manager finally called and said are you ready to go back to work.  Yes please.
So tomorrow - Sunday - off to Oklahoma for an overnight run. Although it would have been nicer for a higher paying trip - I've been off so long a shorter trip is actually good.

Let's see.  I was walking across a yellow-painted cross walk at the Target store from the parking lot to the store.   Clearly designated pedestrian cross - walk.  This pickup comes zooming up on me, slows down at the last second - I didn't even look.  Just kept walking at the pace I was going, which wasn't slow, actually.

I'm walking into the store, the person driving the truck stops, rolls down their windshield and I hear this "ASS****" being yelled at me.  People getting done with Christmas shopping or heading in look at her with a look of shock.  I just stopped and turned around and looked at her as she was taking off - she wasn't sticking around for any feedback.  Everyone then stares at me and starts laughing.  Merry Christmas! People yelling at me and I just chuckled, exclaimed I thought it was funny I was being called an ahole when she couldn't be put out of her 25 mph rush through the parking lot to slow down for pedestrians, everyone laughed again and we all moved on.

Drunk neighbor comes over today. He was drunk when he came over, i didn't realize that at first as I was going to my vehicle at the street when he showed up at the door, wanting to borrow a cigarette from either Taylor or James.  It went downhill from there.  He helped himself to Taylor's half gallon bottle of Rum and continued on with that, getting more and more obnoxious as the drinking continued.  I ignored him until he was speaking to me, asking me what I was making? Lasagna. 

I'm still off the diet, James is trying to talk me into staying off of it until the 2cd of January and I haven't decided. I was - well am - ready to restart the day after Christmas. That will be 14 days, more than long enough of a cheat and will have to spend 3 weeks losing what I gained.

And other things.  Impeachment.  How will historians look back on these days?  I'm quite confident Trump isn't going to be removed by the Senate.  There was one witness that is actually a non-hearsay witness. The rest of them made presumptions, guesses, heard someone else say something or just plain hates Trump  and don't care that their testimony is nothing but opinion.  Sondland said that Trump told him no quid pro quo.  Sondland said he committed quid pro quo.  Why? After being pressed on it he said he made a presumption.

I'm really not looking forward to work tomorrow lmao.  I guess I should go early cause that truck hasn't ran in 11 days, who knows if it will crank over. 

I'm offa here. 

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