Sunday, December 22, 2019

Ahh the joys of getting up at 4:45 am when you've been getting up whenever you want to - as late as 10:00 am - for the last 11 days! Merry Christmas! lmao

Meanwhile, the saga at the other house goes on.  Maria admitting that she may not be that easy of a person to get along with.  Yes, indeed.  Those were  her words, not mine. She wants the "perfect roommate" and even stated such in an ad on Facebook. If you want a perfect roommate, then that intones you are a perfect person yourself, correct?

She just makes wayyyyy too many demands of incoming tenants.  I get when people aren't cleaning up after themselves, that gets old. But other quirks of differing people are part and parcel of what you have to adjust yourself to.  She's used to having the house to herself - the other lady there is never home during the day and is like a ghost living there.  Maria is a great person, don't get me wrong.  But her lifestyle exceeds her income.  I need not get into too much, just interesting watching this play out.  She even offered that she may have to start looking for another place.

Welp, that's fine, but I'm outta there as well. My name is not on that current lease, I would just tell everyone to move out, have a sale and sell everything left in there or give it away if it doesn't sell and be done with it, the dogs can simply stay outside during the daytime over here and life goes on.

It's just interesting that a person with a very limited income would make such demands of other people.  She actually has it quite good there and has made numerous friends that she hangs out with in the neighborhood.  If we were on land with lots of property, I"d get her a small mobile and she could live there. But even the situation with baby-sitting. She decided what she was getting was not enough and demanded more than twice what she was receiving.  So, she hasn't babysat the boys in quite a long time.  Taylor has friends that will watch them - not free since it was a daily thing - but for much less money.  I guess I compare her current situation with what mine was when I was broke and poor all the time. I made do with what I had, didn't make demands of everyone else and looked for endless ways to save money.

I still do the last part quite frequently.  I just wonder where she thinks she is going to move where it is so much better? But if she's unhappy in that situation, by all means, find a new place!

And so it is, Christmas is 3 days away.  I'm doing a run that really doesn't pay that much and it will be the only run on the next week's paycheck.  So I'm kinda hanging low on spending money for a while until I get full steam into doing runs again, which hopefully will start the day after Christmas. That's what I'm going to ask for, anyway.  Having said that, I'm almost at 90k for the year.  It was almost shocking to see that because I wasn't really headed there until I started getting all of those Brownsville runs for a couple of months in a row and getting all that detention pay. That bumped my yearly earnings up quite a bit. Now there is something I can complain about - the federal government dipping it's hands into my paychecks and taking out large portions of it.

And these idiots attempting to win the White House with these plans to suck the life out of everyone's paychecks, especially the middle class.  Don't even try to tell me that Warren's or Sanders Medicare plans won't cost the middle class with no new tax increases. BS. Or Wang's $1,000 to everyone scheme.  The one I was really glad to see go was Beto with his "I'm coming to get your guns" nonsense. And now, all the drama that is playing out in Virginia with all the Sheriffs declaring these gun sanctuaries. 

Now THAT is something I am watching.  That could lay out a precedent for all of these gun hating politicians in the Federal government who want to do the exact same freaking thing.  To EVERYONE, not just one state. 

Oh well.  My Christmas shopping is done.  I couldn't figure out what to get the boys, Taylor came up with this giant slide that a small plastic car rides down. I was a bit shocked she would suggest that, visions of bumps and bruises and banged heads after falling off the side of it came into my mind, but hey, that's what boys do, right?

Well, I'm off to the races.


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