Tuesday, December 24, 2019

I'm considering starting a second blog reserving it for Keto.  There is sooooo much misinformation being spread about Keto out there, it's absolutely amazing.  Doctors declare that it causes heart attacks. Oh really? Why is that?  Isn't it the unhealthy lifestyle of eating fast food, processed, preservative and chemical filled crap we eat that is unhealthy? You hear about McDonald's bleaching it's meat and you think that  is somehow acceptable? Probably not, but that's the diet of the average American.  People don't want to cook anymore, they want companies to cook for them. The morbid obesity, obesity and extreme obesity rates are the proof and outcome of that culture.

Yes, you can eat very unhealthy on keto - and still lose weight actually.  So, the important thing to spread about the diet is to eat healthy fats.  You can eat a lot of bacon, but should you? Probably not.  And besides, it's the high carb diets that are bad for our systems, including drinking gallons of soda.  We all know soda - whether sugar filled or diet - is extremely bad for you.  You could drink one here and there and probably nothing, but the amount of soda Americans drink is unbelievable. 

I'll tell you my own experience from the mindset point of view after I started the Keto diet and staye on it for a long period of time. When you first start, you really don't know what you're doing.  You don't find a lot of information about it online, either. You'll find tons of recipes and you'll find blogs and sites telling you what you can and can't eat, but it's really not definitive. You just dive into it, hoping you're doing it right and tweaking it as you go along. 

And what you find, after you've been doing it for months and months, is that you no longer need to think about what you are going to eat in terms of what is being put before you.  Everything gets processed in your mind through Keto. Is that low carb? How much of it can I eat?  How many calories does it contain?  How many carbs will I have left over after I eat that plate of food? Note I also said counting calories.  If you think you can keep your carbs low but eat as much food as you want, think again.  You still, must, count calories. That's my opinion, but if you're consuming 5,000 calories a day and burning 2,000, guess what?  I don't need to tell you, do I?

Also, Keto is not a meat free for all.  When you eat more protein than your body needs, some of its amino acids will be turned into glucose via a process called gluconeogenesis.  You can easily defeat what you are attempting to accomplish by eating too much meat, hence the importance of eating fat, more of it, but healthy fats!  As much as possible. 

The whole point of the Keto diet is to get your body into ketosis.  Keeping your carbs at 20 and under forces your liver into a process that releases ketones into your system which in turn uses your body fat to create energy.  That is the beauty of the Keto diet.  Your body uses your body fat for fuel.  There are a lot of opinions on this diet, I can only tell you my experience with it and take it with a grain of salt - or take some of it seriously.  For example, forgone conclusion you will have to dumpe the potatoes, rice, pasta and beans - there are substitutes and you can find those recipes all over the internet. 

But, in my experience and reading a lot of other people's experience, you can expect to dump a lot of weight in the first months.  You can also expect to go into a stall - your weight won't go down. But ..... you will likely notice you are still losing fat!  I'm no doctor, I can't explain how you can lose fat and yet the scale shows no change. I've read lots and lots of people that have experienced the same phenomenon. 

BTW, if you are really serious about losing weight and are considering having your stomach staples - don't do it! Give Keto a try first.  Why go through such a drastic surgery without at least exhausting all options first?  Go to your doctor, ask him or her about this diet. Some of them are going to tell you it's bad for your health and give you a lot of scare tactics. I don't know why they do this. Do these people believe the average American diet is somehow healthy?  These "experts" should at least try to do some extensive research on this diet before giving out such information.  I've read a couple of people that have done it for decades now and are in great health!  Keto has a definitive effect on diabetes.  Some people report after they've done it for a while that they no longer have to inject insulin. Even more people have reported that the diabetes disappears altogether!

The high carb lifestyle is your enemy.  This is what is making America fat and unhealthy.  It's so easy to live that lifestyle, too, with fast food restaurants on every corner. Regular, sit down with waiter service style restaurants piling on even more carb laden foods.  The frozen food aisles at your grocery store filled with sugar and carb laden garbage.  Everywhere you go, your senses are affronted with sugar filled, carb laden foods. 

Getting into the Keto lifestyle - what many people call it - takes time. But you'll eventually find that donuts, cake, ice cream, soda, all of that stuff that is filled with sugar, will no longer tempt you .Or if it does, it's a fleeting temptation. Some people aren't helpful in offering you foods that they know you can't eat. Sort of like a mockery, c'mon, you can have just one!  No, you can't  and you can't go into the Keto diet with any thought of cheating.  Cheating means you get kicked out of ketosis and it can take days or longer to get back into ketosis, it's just not worth it and your results will not be good.

Now, I have cheated and am currently cheating.  But I've lost a lot of weight and I stuck to the diet for long periods of time without any cheating whatsoever.  A break - 8 months - was my first cheat. Yup, I went that long without cheating.  Then I had an accidental cheat day, so I blew that entire day and just decided to eat whatever I wanted. Then for Thanksgiving I also cheated and now? I went on vacation visit family for the Christmas season, got off the diet entirely and have stayed off of it. Tomorrow is Christmas and I am either going back on Keto the day after Christmas or will wait until the 2cd of January to restart.

And I can imagine restarting will not be fun. But, to keep the weight off and lose even more? It's the only diet that's ever worked for me. 

I'll likely be copying and pasting this and the post before this and starting a new Keto blog.  Many other people are doing it but I find a lot of those blogs to be void of the information that people are really looking for.

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