Friday, December 27, 2019

 Because coughing, hacking and sneezing all day are the way to do it!  If y'all gonna be miserable, let's do it right! Start the day with a giant headache, get up anyway, get the show on the road!

And after 5 straight hours of driving, stop for your 30 minute break, take a nap, fall into a deep sleep and wake up feeling even worse! Like freaking helllll

That was my day today : )

I can't take any more time off, that's just not a happening event unless I am soooooooo  miserable that I literally cannot get out of bed! I ain't there yet and I refuse to succumb to the forces of internal agony. 

It's Friday night - not late tho, I got started early enough this morning  that I was able to get back a reasonable time.  I walked into the house with full Christmas festivities going on.  Yes, I know Christmas was yesterday, don't tell anyone here that! Ok, grandma and grandpa came down with a TON of toys for the kids, so it's all good. 

Ohhh! Border patrol checkpoint! Dude says how's it going?!! Good! (lying I guess cause' sickness killing me, but I didn't feel the need to get into a sob story).  Anyone in there with you? They always ask that because there is a sleeper and I keep the curtain closed.  No.  Well have a great day!  Really? When do these people say stuff like this?  He didn't even ask if I am a citizen!  Well, you too! 

Not impossible, I guess, to have a cool interaction with those people. But, you know, when they are demanding me open the door and let them search the truck?  LMAOOOOO

NOOOOOOOOO I don't consent to ANY searches OR seizures!!

Lol. I get a bit funny when I'm sick.

Oooh, and the Stripes in Riviera!  Riviera Texas, that is.  I'm back on Keto - I'm not in ketosis but I don't expect that to happen for several more days.  Anyway, there was a HUGE line at the register. And I stood there at the place where you order, there as a line of orders 15 long.  Ohhh myyyyyyyyy!
But I was starving - and the 14 hour clock has plenty on it coming back up cause' I ain't loading the truck and spending 2 to 3 hours of it.  So I thought oh well, I'll just wait as long as it takes. I ordered 4 helpings of the eggs and bacon in a container, no tortillas, went to the register, got that done.

This dude?  Taking the orders? Sees me standing there, pulls out a giant cup, loads it up and hands it to me!  I didn't ask him or even look at him, I was willing to wait my turn in line.  I bypassed a very large amount of orders sitting there, lmao.  Thank you!!!

A busload of tourists at the Love's where I took my 30 minute break.  I pulled in there - Edna, Texas - went to sleep and woke dazed and confused.  Like, what the heck and where am I?  Ohhh, ok, I figured that out quick. Decided to get a cup of hot tea, might help with these symptoms. Or an old wives tale, who knows but it couldn't hurt.  This tour bus had pulled up 20 feet in front of me. Alll of these people giving me strange looks when I got out of my truck - properly parked in a truck parking space - they were just blocking shit lmao.

I never did figure that one out. In and out of the store, a group of people staring at me I wasn't gross looking, lmao.  I didn't say anything to any of them, I just smiled as I walked by. I can tell ya, when I feel that bad, I am in no mood to talk to anyone  about anything, but I don't want to be rude, either. 

Yeah, it was weird.  I resisted the urge to stop at Dickey's - its a smokehouse BBQ joint in Seven Oaks, Texas, on the way back. It was an extra stop. I was hungry, no doubt, but I figured to stop in Lufkin, refuel, and get an Arby's turkey salad.  It filled me up, too. And keto friendly, very low carbs in that affair. 

In all of that, somewhere along the way, I had texted my manager: I'll be back tonight, if there is anything available this weekend, I'm good to go.  Yup, I can feel like hell but my bank account can feel even worse if I continue with this non-working nonsense. It was fun while it lasted, it's time to work!  I didn't bother to tell her how I was feeling, that wouldn't help my cause.  So, I am home tomorrow and right back out Sunday and back down to Brownsville.

Did I say my tooth is getting worse?  Oh, I didn't. So besides all the hacking and head nonsense going on, I have a tooth getting worse by the day. But today, lmao, it got much worse. I can't chew on anything without sharp, shooting pain. Tomorrow is Saturday, no dentists are open, lol. So we've got that going!  Actually, I might wait until the 1st, then I can use my insurance to fix it.  I'm guessing a root canal.  Who knows, but it's not getting better and time to crack out the pain relief  Yup, I didn't take anything all day today for this other stuff going on. I knew it would make me feel like going to sleep so  just said no thanks.  I gotta get home! 

That's enough for one entry. Cause' honey, I'm going to bed! Trying anyway lmao

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