Saturday, December 28, 2019

Living in a house with young children - who go to preschool - who get exposed to other young children - and then bring the sicknesses home - well, that's not exactly a "pro" in my book. 

I woke up in the middle of the night last night, my lungs felt like they were on fire.  My head was hurting and I was coughing.  So I got up and took a Mucinex, which eventually helped me get back to sleep, actually. 

I have zero plans for anything today.  I'm holed up in my bedroom and I intend on staying in here until tomorrow morning, when I'll have to get up, go the yard, hook up a trailer and get over to the plant.  And then, on down to Brownsville again. I'm really not looking forward to that, but I'm not calling in sick, either.  I have to have this money, it's just plain simple mathematics - refill the checking account or start dipping into savings.

The 4 wheeler is allegedly going to be done today, but again, I'm not going and getting it, I'm not doing anything.  He has the front differential working now - 4 wheel drive instead of just 2 wheel drive. That was a bit pricey and I should have waited until after the New Year to get it done.  He can bring the thing up here, I guess, if he really wants to get paid, tho I paid him down to zero last time I saw him, so there shouldn't be much more than a hundred or 2 to finish paying him off.  \

My tooth - not as painful today. I have decided to try and wait until after the New Year to get it fixed - I'm assuming/guessing it needs a root canal.

Well, I changed that plan. I took the old Iphone 8 to the post office, that has to be back to the insurance company before 15 days are up.  Still have a week for that. Went to the store and got some more Mucinex.  Cause' the stuff works.  And now home again, doing nothing.  Watching movies, bedroom door shut, I'm not a very nice person when I'm sick and I just keep to myself so i don't go around offending everyone lmao.  Ok, my doggies put up with me regardless of my moods or physical well being, so they're in here with me : )

Yup, nice lazy day.  Put on my new - steel toed tennis shoes lol. Thanks to my employer.  I don't need another pair of work boots, these shoes cost less than the amount my employer gives each year, which is $125, these shoes are quite comfortable and should last quite a while.  And they look good : )  With that, I think I'll finish watching the Lord of the Rings and then take a nice nap : )

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