Monday, December 30, 2019

Making it down here, to Brownsville, was not fun, at all.

Long story short, I ended up stopping 3 times, taking half hour breaks all 3 times, sleeping those breaks and then attempting to push on down the road to get down here.  I already knew after another driver phoned me that there were no empty trailers down here, that was the motivation needed to get here and get on the detention list.

It's now a quarter after 1 the next day - being Monday - and I'm waiting on a trailer to show up. 2 trailers came already, but they said one more is coming.

Unfortunately.  Cause' I could use a good full day's rest before attempting to start back up.  It's foregone conclusion that whenever it gets here, I'm not driving all the way through. No way am I staying up til midnight or later attempting to drive feeling like this.  I only feel a little better than last night/yesterday cause I slept 10 hours.  And have had a nap. And another nap, lol.

If this other trailer gets here before 4 pm, I"ll try to get 5 hours of driving in and then I'll only have half the trip to go tomorrow. That actually sounds better than trying to drive all day long tomorrow. 

The mechanic texted me earlier - the ATV is completed.  He sent a video of him riding it down the road by his house.  4 wheel drive works and I'll be happy to get over this sickness and take it out for a nice ride at a nearby riding park. 

Gator Run isn't too far from where he lives and it's a huge riding park, thousands of acres. 

Anyway, this Dish Network app stinks badly. At least when trying to replay saved movies and shows.  It cuts in and out and in and out the entire time.  Even with excellent cell reception, it just doesn't work right. Never had that problem with Directv - tho I still have no regrets dumping all ATT services. 

Well, I think I'll be home tomorrow night to celebrate the incoming of a New Year.  No resolutions for me, thanks. I started back on keto 4 days ago, but definitely not as a New Year's resolution type of thing. I fail at those resolutions miserably and I have determined that it is better to start some new journey at any time of the year but  the New Year. It's like a curse - make the resolution and guaranteed to fail!  I've started intermittent workouts as well.

I call them intermittent cause' it's hardly a regular routine. More like when I feel like it stuff. 

If they are doing fireworks, I'll watch from a distance. The lady across the street calls the cops every time.  The cops come out, say sorry, you can't do that, if they call again we'll have to issue a citation.  They're nice enough about it, but who needs the stress.  I'll probably just go into my bedroom and sleep lol.

And I think after this trip, I'm not contacting my manager. She can do her usual - give-me-a-run-when-she-gets-around-to-it thing instead of notifying her I'm available.  As much as I need the money, a couple of days off to rest would be really nice right now. 

With that, I"ma take another nap before this other trailer shows up. 

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