Thursday, March 12, 2020

Canning the Keto diet for a few days while this hole left behind where a tooth used to be heals up. "don't eat anything crunchy", my new manager informed me - she was actually quite helpful today with advice and also getting me off the hook for a run tomorrow that I was pretty sure I wouldn't be having too much fun with just after having this done. The doctor said eat "soft food".

That doesn't mean I'm going overboard off the diet like I normally do when I plan a cheat day.  I'm getting out the crockpot in the morning, loading it up with navy beans, some prime rib roast bones I had in the freezer, chopping up a small skirt steak to throw into it, chopping up some bacon and ham slices as well. Throw in some chopped onion, beef broth, maybe some frozen veggies and spices.  Adding the bacon, of course, is the key to an excellent tasting soup.  The Navy beans are currently in a large pot covered with water, soaking overnight.

Regardless, from searing, hellish pain this afternoon to nothing now.  I only took one of those Tramadols this afternoon and now I'm good. I knew I didn't need a whole bottle of those things.  Save it for some future pain-ridden event? I'll hope to not have to use them. One thing I don't have: temptation to take pain killers long after I need them.  They say this stuff is easy to get addicted to.  I wouldn't know, it made me high as a kite for a few hours, then made me drowsy and now I don't feel any effects of the pain killer.  Just weird the hole in my mouth isn't hurting at all after all of that.

The 5 year old still has a pretty good fever going, so he's staying home with me tomorrow.  I'm not doing anything tomorrow beyond laundry and some light cleaning duties. I'm going to take it easy. But that virus those kids and Taylor had/have is pretty wicked looking stuff.  Jaxon - the 2 year old - had it 7 days and was miserable. Taylor the same and the 5 year old is on day 6 I believe.  I may be watching him tomorrow, but I'm staying away from him as much as possible. He'll sit around watching cartoons all day long, which is fine by me.

The weather is actually pretty nice right now. Like, nice enough to go boating : (  Haha, something always coming up whenever I might be able to take it out on the nearest lake.


Well we're all screwed.  A man was diagnosed with Coronavirus 2 towns away, is in isolation and a local college has shut down all on-campus activities.  I dunno, but if I get that s***, I'm toast.  At least I have a lot of vacation hours available if I do contract it.  But this virus already going around town here is miserable at best.  Phoenix - the 5 year old - has been coughing since he got up this morning.  And they left the cough medicine at the other house : ( Maria is bringing it over, but she said that over an hour ago.  He's been hacking away the entire time.  I can't go anywhere, he's too sick to go and I don't have a child car seat anyway. 

I've been saying this all along: How do you stop a virus? Why even try?  It's gonna do what it's gonna do regardless.  Educate the public, give them advice on how to stay away from it, but all of this quarantine and stuff? It's a great idea, I guess, I highly doubt, in the end, that it's going to work.  More and more new cases all over the world every day.  I don't want to live my life in fear, so I'm not.  I'll get hand sanitizer and do whatever I can to stay away from it, but in the end, if I do get it?  Shrugs. 

We are all gonna die somehow.  Nothing new under the sun here. 

But still, you hear about it coming near your town and a college in your town preparing for the worst......

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