Sunday, August 9, 2020

 So I'll skip a lot of stuff to go straight to the drama at the house. 

For I got a text from Taylor - about something I have (not going to say what it is here on the internet, it's not illegal tho) - did you have it last? Uhh, no. Well they've disappeared.  She was in the middle of a huge drama with the others at the house attempting to determine who did it - it's impossible that the kids did it.  That's 100% certain.  So, it left 2 people that could have done it - no one else could have possibly done it for no one else has been here.  So I received a large number of texts, Taylor felt pushed into the middle of everything and asking how I could ever trust them again.

Those were not the thoughts that crossed my mind.  It's not the end of my world and I will get over it. In fact, I already have.  But, I went into my room with my dogs and shut the door, I don't need this drama after being out on the road for 3 days.  I don't mind the extra person being here, but at the same time, I don't need trouble with her or anyone else.  One person left, both persons denied doing it - yet one of them had to have done it.  Taylor is not a liar - she literally tells the truth about everything.  Even if it makes her look bad.  I know I didn't do it and I didn't even start this situation.  I would have been a bit irritated if I had found it myself, I probably would have said something, but I wouldn't have made a huge issue out of it.  Taylor apparently thinks I will leave over this.  

I had to tell her flatly that it isn't the end of my world. Yes, I'm a bit pissed, but it isn't worth ending friendship over. Or even carrying it around for days, or weeks or months.  I've learned not to do that with personal relationships.  Unless I really want to end a relationship. I have no interest in carrying grudges and bitterness. When you do that, it hurts you far worse than the person or people you are holding it against.  There is no denying that, it can literally ruin your life.  I've seen it so many times in my own life with family members, friends and acquaintances and there is biblical principle to back up the idea of forgiveness - don't even let the sun go down on it - don't hold it to the next morning. In some situations, that would probably be rather impossible to do, there are things people do that you have to have time to get over. 

This wasn't one of them.  

So, I'm highly likely to just sit in my room alone for the rest of the evening and let this wash over.  I have a large number of recorded shows I want to watch anyway. Air Crash Disaster, Bar Rescue, Star Trek will keep me entertained.  Everyone here is literally in a bad mood.  It's nothing I really want to come home to but my doggies were very happy to see me : )


Well that didn't take long. They have decided that after all of these people come over and leave, they are not going to have friends over here anymore.  I thought and said, that's not who you are.  This is the first time anything like this has happened to me here.  Yes, but it's not to us.  Okay, well I figure this will wash away, water under the bridge eventually.  They can't not have people over. They don't do it all the time but it's in their nature and I really don't have a problem with it.  

Onto a few other things.  I got a $500 money order in the mail when I got home today. It was for the deposit for the house.  I don't recall giving them that much, but nothing is recorded. I could have sword it was $350.  It's whatever to me, they sent me the money, it's going into the boat.  It needs - well it doesn't really "need" it but it would be nice to have - a large trolling motor.  It would also be nice to have a sonar.  Can't have both, they both are rather costly items, I'll have to decide which to get.  It also needs a ladder but there is one at the boat shop in their junk pile of old boats. I need to get over there and get it before they ship that stuff off to the landfill. And I'm pretty sure they'll have a rim - they had several there last time but I didn't know there was an issue getting boat wheel rims.  

I dunno how this corona virus affects things like this, but you can't find a wheel rim in that size anywhere in town.  I really want a spare tire for that trailer and there is a mount for it on the side of it.  Of course that was stripped off the boat like everything else.  I'm just happy the boat appears to be in working order.  That was really concerning me. 

I wouldn't mind taking it out on a different lake tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Monday.  Everyone can go off to work, I can go off to the lake, it's only 18 miles away - different lake than the one I've been going to.  It actually has a lot of fish in it.  But I haven't decided on that yet.  It's been quite the day today, I'll decide tomorrow - tomorrow.  

I think that's about it.  Everything has substantially died down here, I missed the worst of it - tho I was getting texts while it was going on, I had an idea of how intense it was getting.  Just glad it's over.  

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