Thursday, January 2, 2020

Thursday. Reality hits for lots of people - but I'm sure there are still lots of people taking the entire week off as well.

For me, the reality of Cheniere wasn't as bad as the shock of just having had walked out to the kitchen, opening the door and finding that all the meat had been cleaned out and thrown in the trash.  Some of it needed to go, yes, but some of it was still quite good, edible and was planning on taking  some with me on this trip as there is literally nothing down there - where Cheniere is - to buy.  If you happen to get stuck down there overnight and you take nothing with you to eat? You are going to starve, plain and simple.  If there is a cafeteria at the facility, I have no idea where it is or if they would allow "outsiders" in there to buy something to eat.

My smoked rib roast - trashed : ( !!

Oh well.  I found some Omaha steaks in the freezer - they're small so they cook easily even if frozen.  Those are about done. Found some cream cheese and sliced some onions to go with the steak.  Take some Atkins shakes and I will at least have something to eat.  Yes, I cheated - a little - yesterday for New Year's. But the cheating is over now.  I won't cheat again for quite a while. 

Well, I'm going to pull out a large chunk of meat from the freezer, put it in the freezer and hopefully get home in time tomorrow to cook something for road trips.  Really, I guess I should have put some of that now-trashed meat into plastic bags and frozen it.  Just have to remember that for the future. I was going to do it, but I've been ill and thinking about driving,, much less plans for driving, haven't exactly been at the top of my priority list.  When I went to bed last night, about 30 minutes later, the coughing and hacking kicked in.  For a good hour. I had taken a Mucinex before going to bed so I thought that would deal with it.

It did not.  Instead, I dragged myself out of bed, went into the bathroom, turned the hot water on and stood in there breathing in the steam for quite a while, which eventually dislodged whatever in my lungs and I was able to go back to sleep.

And, of course, it's raining as the weather app predicted.  And will be raining down there. And supposed to deliver this stuff tonight, regardless of weather : ( 

Whatever. I always take extra clothing, I'll just have to get out of that facility tonight, strip down and change out.  And warm up. And hope no worse ill effect.

Ugggg, and the rotting food put on the counter after emptying out the refrigerator : (  Why do that? I cleaned most of it up, but, it's time to leave.

Happy New Year!

That's it, lol, Happy New Year!

I did not stay up for it last night - went to be at 10 and I did not get up early this morning.  You know, still being sick and all.

I am being dumped with a Cheniere garbage run tomorrow so I'm just taking it easy today.  I haven't had to go to Cheniere in quite a while, thankfully.  The biggest drawback to that run this time around is it is supposed to be raining down there tomorrow - I'm not a fan of standing outside in the cold rain unloading a trailer, even moreso not a fan when I'm sick.  It's a late load - scheduled at 1:30 to load the truck - so I know regardless, I won't make it back tomorrow.

And, it's the first load of the year lmao.

$16,000 in the various Federal taxes in 2019.  I find that to be outrageous.  And these democrat president candidates want even more?  How much is too much? That's just federal taxes, that doesn't included city sales taxes, county taxes, state taxes, property taxes - etc ad nauseum.  These politicians - and I don't care what label they give themselves either Republican or Democrat - see no problem in enacting more and more taxes.

I'm not sure what happened to Conservatives in this nation, but they are either not saying anything about all of this crap or there just aren't that many of us left. Trump signed off on a huge budget bill that puts us much further into debt and deficit spending.  I like a of what Trump has done, this s*** here isn't part of the equation or his desire to enact more gun restrictions.  But, no one is claiming Trump is a conservative.  He claims to be Republican but if he is, it's definitely in the moderate range.  He's gleeful of a huge amount of money being spent on our military once again

You know, some of these nations with ultra low taxes and low cost of living for retirement seem more and more appealing.  A few hundred thousand dollars plus your SS check every month and people live in those nations like royalty.  Just seems unnatural to contemplate leaving your homeland to retire tho.  I just don't see any end to this parade of new and higher taxation at all levels of government ever coming - unless a convention of States is ever in the works.

I guess those aren't the most positive of thoughts on the 1st of January, I was looking at my last paycheck of the year and contemplating once again the high amount of taxation we already have in this nation.  Why can't government live within it's means? We take in well over 3 trillion per year in tax revenues at the federal level but we still have to add a trillion dollars worth of debt to it? Why?
What do we have to show for it? Now they are contemplating attempting to get a infrastructure bill through - that's at least a trillion dollar proposal.

Okay.  Off of that subject.  No New's Year's resolutions for me.  I'm well back into the diet, cheated alittle last night, but very little and still in ketosis today, amazingly enough.

The situation at the other house - has fluctuated.  Lots of drama, s*** I don't need or want.  I intervened and told the lady to get her act together or get out.  That was really the only way to handle this, her actions were becoming too much for anyone to deal with.  Whatever.  I just talked to everyone and decided that they need to work this out.  There is no perfect living situation when you are residing with strangers, but there should be consideration and respect shown from everyone to everyone.  But I'm not going to eat anymore rent lapses as I did last month.  About $150 worth.  The few occasions this has occurred I've just shrugged my shoulders and thought how much more it would have cost to keep my dogs at a shelter or just leaving them at home when I'm gone and them getting into trouble.  But 2 months in a row? Not really interested. It's a difficult tenant market out here, nothing like Phoenix.

Okay. Regardless of what goes on at that house, this month the entire bill will be paid by them, nothing coming from me.  The Phoenix house - now that this nonsense of not paying the rent is gone, the power reader should never have to have me adding obscene amounts to it again.  Maybe a large payment in May, but that should be it.  And, the guy that prepays for 6 months at a time - his last payment is done so I will be getting his full monthly payment starting this month again as well.  I put his payment in my savings account last time, but I'd rather just get the monthly payment.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...