Friday, January 3, 2020

Soleimani is taken out - literally - after Trump authorizes it and the democrat world goes haywire.
Instead of congratulating our US military for taking out a completely evil, sordid, western hating man that is responsible for taking the lives of countless Americans, democrats are questioning why Trump didn't ask them for their permission first?  Or that it might escalate into a war?  This man was the face of satan. This kind of reaction gives come credence to the term "Trump Derangement Syndrome" and other such statements about democrats who suddenly love things they used to despise - because they hate Trump. 

I'm certainly not interested in another prolonged, protracted war with loss of US military lives and trillions of dollars spent engaging in it.  But we won't start the war, Iran will have to do that if it comes to that.  Iran has been poking the bear for some time, this embassy attack wasn't the first act of terror they have committed. 

Regardless, I spent last night out in the rain. Well it rained on and off unloading the trailer. But it started pouring at one point - and that is when all 5 of the plant workers literally disappeared. I am required to stick with the unloading operation regardless of weather, if something goes wrong, someone has to be out there to stop the flow - ie: shut off the valves.  I just thought it crazy that they would just take off running.  I am not responsible for the plant side of the unloading, that is all up to them, tho in this case I do know how to shut off their valves simply from having had watched it enough times.  However, for them to abandon it? 

Weird stuff.  But I was glad they were in a hurry to get m in and out of there.  These people didn't know what they were doing.  I mean, instructing them on everything was also weird.  They should be fully trained in what they were doing.  When the trailer was empty, I told them - it's empty, let's drain the vapors.  So they switched the valve on their side and said, ooh noooo, there's still liquid coming through.  I didn't want to argue with them, but I've done this 50 times at their plant, that was the sound of vapor going through.  So a few minutes later they tried again. Same sound. A few minutes later, the same thing. I finally said, hey, this trailer is empty, there is no more liquid in here, I'm telling you this is a done deal.

So they turned their valve on again, same sound but this time they let it go.  And the pressure in my vessel - tank - started going down lmao.

I got out of there, drove 70 miles, found a place to park and spent the night there. It was midnight before I got finished.  My manager called this morning, I called her back (missed the call), but I called her back right after waking up.  So my voice was an octave lower than normal - being sick - and extremely raspy.  Oh my goddd! You sound TERRIBLE!!

LMAO.  I got back to the yard. We're very busy now.  4 to 5 loads going out per day - that's a lot for us.  4 loads going out tomorrow, 5 on Sunday.  She asked me if I was good to go on Sunday?  Yup, I can't afford to take any more time off.  I suppose other drivers are all working too. Nope, she replied, some called out sick, but yes there's other sick drivers.  Well, I thought, misery has company lol.  What's telling?  Walmart is out of Mucinex and most of their cold medicine is gone. Kroger's was out of all of it's night time cold medicine and most Mucinex products.  This thing is going around and it's not a short lived virus, it goes on for weeks. 

She did not know what I would be getting. There are 2 Brownsville runs, 2 Baker runs and another Chineire run. I'll find out soon enough, it's getting late Friday. 

Tomorrow, I am attempting to motivate myself to go get the 4 wheeler.  Just haven't even been in the mode for it, driving, sick, driving, sick.  At least I'll have 3 runs on next paycheck. 

Today? I went to the other house, got my dogs, came home, sat down and here I am : )  I'm not cooking dinner, I'm not doing dishes, I'm not doing anything. 

I will likely go to the doctor for some "super good" cold medicine.  Cause nothing else is working. When it hits, it goes on for 30, 40, 50 minutes, non stop, sounds like a person dying lol.

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