Tuesday, January 7, 2020

So I got stuck up in Oklahoma for there were no empty trailers.  Unless they've changed it, I won't get paid for the 14 plus hours I had to sit up there and wait overnight and well into the morning before they finally got one unloaded.  They had 4 full trailers sitting up there, including mine, they are well behind their projected usage and they cancelled several loads this week. Which kinda sucks, because that takes away from the available loads and may make me end  up waiting 2 days off for another load instead of one day in between. 

We'll see. 

This sickness continues.  A bunch of foul stuff coming out of my lungs, my throat feels funny but I am a bit better.  That was the only reason I didn't care that much about spending the night up there in Barnsdall - I felt bad and just went to bed and slept 9 or 10 hours.  I never did make it to Urgent Care, just kind of trying to decide whether I'm getting near the end of this or should I go get some meds?  I didn't have to cough for 45 minutes this morning, that was a good sign.

I've lost 12 pounds since restarting Keto. That is quite encouraging, I'm down less than when I went off for 14 days cheating.  It's 11 pounds at this point to goal weight.  That's the highest weight I can be and not be considered overweight.  Or, if I wanted to revert to my weight I had most of my adulthood until I got into my late 40's, I would have 15 pounds to lose.  I dunno.  Getting into the 180's range is the goal, I'll let nature determine what weight is a good one to stop at before going on maintenance, which I figure is just upping carbs.  I think sugar is probably something I'll try to stay away from, for the most part, for the rest of my life.

Cheating excluded. The trip to DQ and getting a Blizzard is a rare treat that I really enjoy.  I don't enjoy the crash afterwards, however, it usually makes me have to go lay down in bed for a couple of hours! And, of course, the rare treat of eating lots of potatoes.

As for today? Nothing.  I'm keeping it low key until this chest cold junk passes. I know from experience that going out and doing anything that requires a lot of movement will just make it worse.  I guess I could smoke a rack of ribs for the fun of it. And go to the store and get the ingredients to make low carb Keto friendly bread.  It's really nice to be able to make sandwiches of various types.

The deer!  I was driving up Highway 11 west - 2 land highway, full of curves, hills and places where I have to slow way down, especially loaded.  They've had tanker rollovers on that stretch of highway before, I don't envision me as being one of them.  Anyway, when I went up there it was night time.  I came over the crest of a hill and saw them.  Too late to do anything. I was only going 45 mph (in a 55 zone), but there was no way I was going to get that truck stopped before I took out at least one of them. They were parading across the highway.  A LOT of them.  I'm not crashing the truck to save a deer, that or those deer can die, tho I can't say the truck would come out of it unscathed. 

I was right  up on them almost instantly after coming over the top of that hill - I lightly tapped the horn and thank GOD the one that I was about to run over turned tail immediately and ran off, the rest of them scuttled off just  in time.  The people driving behind me didn't see what was happening and realized after I passed through there - rather quickly lol - that these animals were still wanting to cross the highway. They all slammed on their brakes. I mean, these things can cause accidents and panic drivers to the point they slide off the road in order to avoid them. I simply have no such thoughts.  40,000 pounds of volatile, flammable, explosive, cryogenic liquid takes precedence over the idea of attempting to avoid a deer. They will get flat run over before I do that. 

There was that and this dude yesterday while driving home from the yard after I got back last night.  This guy cut me off on the Interstate. I'm used to it, I just wait for a passing opportunity and get past them.  He was slowly going to pass a car.  Okay, whatever.  He got past the car, however, and then decided he wasn't going to get back over.  I went over in the slow lane to pass him, he sped up so that I couldn't pass him before coming up to the next vehicle.  Again, I am used to this.  People play games out on these Interstates all the time.  So I got back behind him - he brake checked me.  Then he turned on his rear cargo light.  Total a-hole.  No reason for it. I didn't cut him off, I didn't show him finger birdies, I did literally nothing to him, he cut me off and I was willing to just let it go. It's really not worth it. But after he brake checked me, that was enough. 

I sped up to a considerable speed after the next opportunity came up to pass him, he wasn't going to let me pass and he was slowing WAY down once he caught up the next vehicles.  I got past him, got in front of him and then let off the accelerator.  I didn't try to get him into an accident, but he done pissed me off by that point.  I got past a line of vehicles which is when he attempted to pass me on the right. Not a happening event.  He then started coming over into my lane, apparently trying to scare me. Rest assured my SUV is WAY bigger than his pickup truck. I just stayed put in my lane and he backed off.

See, I don't understand why people act like this out on the highways. They are probably "normal" people otherwise, but something about toying with other drivers apparently is too much of a temptation to them.  Like they are some sort of civilian police out there, applying their version of traffic laws.  I don't even look at these people when I pass them, it is likely it can even further inflame the person that is already angry - over nothing. 

I got off the Interstate and then stopped - for a minute - at the stop sign. No way I'm having this jerkoff following me home.  But he continued on the Interstate and I continued about my way. 

Whatever.  I just got back from the grocery store, I am wanting bread and the only way I can get it is to make it myself.  I am not paying $28 for 2 loaves of bread ordered on the internet and they don't have Keto bread on grocery shelves  here - yet.  I just got texted with a run to Brownsville tomorrow, so I'm going to have some bread, make a nice chicken breast and cut it up so I can make sandwiches out of it.  I was thinking about cooking a rack of ribs - smoking them. I think I"ll just slow cook them in the oven instead and take them with me. 

And before I end this one and start my bread baking aspirations, my hair.  I have decided that years worth of this buzzed look is enough.  I hate the trouble of dealing with hair everyday while out on the road, but I'm tired of the current look. So I'm attempting to grow it back out - and boy is it rebellious. It just wants to stick straight up! Like a whole headful of a tomahawk hairdo!  LMAO.  I put gel in it this morning after showering and at least it's behaving. Behaving by force, but it's behaving. 

And with that, off to the kitchen. 

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