Sunday, January 12, 2020

Started smoking that roast yesterday far too late.  11:00 am. Sounds early, but it's not. Not with a pork roast that size and slow cooking it at around 225 to  250 degrees. That went on until after 9:00 pm last night lol. I actually could have cooked it another hour or so, but it was getting too late. You have to consider pulling the roast out, letting it sit for 20 minutes, cutting it up and letting it cool before you can put it in the refrigerator.  I just got busy with other stuff yesterday and it went out of my mind until late morning.

But it turned out delicious and I just had a nice portion of it for dinner tonight. It tends to taste better the next day. I can't explain that to you, but that's my experience. 

I did end up taking the SUV to the Autozone yesterday. Their read out came up with bad ignition coil on cylinder 4 and spark plug.  Well, I bought the coil.  But I think I'll go back and get the plugs and wires as well and replace all of that.  I will let the mechanic I have found do that work - I'm not interested in dealing with electronics on a newer model vehicle.  I was going to take it to Ford but this seems pretty straight forward and simple.  We'll see, I guess lol.  Likely the spark plugs and wires have never been replaced, undoubtedly the ignition coils are the originals. 

Tornado sirens went off last night. I slept right through it.  I know, pretty insane for a light sleeper but I never heard them.  And it's LOUD.  But no tornadoes actually touched down, it just rained a bit. The bad stuff went around us.  Taylor said the lights flickered at midnight, but the power never went out.  My dogs didn't wake me up, so it must not have been that bad. 

That was yesterday, just hung out, mostly, it was nice and cool so I had a fire going outside all day long while the smoker was running.  Taylor smokes, so she came out and enjoyed the heat from the fire as well while toking on cigarettes.  I'll give her credit. She works a full time job and now has a job that has her working some 30 hours a week extra. She loves to buy stuff : )  She spent all day yesterday doing her job - it's an at-home job now - and all day today. 

Me? I was in no mood to drive today.  It's Sunday.  I've worked Sundays for however many in a row.  A lot.  I kept my crankiness to myself. Addler understood tho, lol. He was allll affectionate and giving me the eyes you can't resist.  Dogs know your moods.  They really do. If you don't believe that, you probably have never had a dog.  They respond to every mood differently.  But, unlike humans, they never reject you. 

Anyway, I got to the plant only to have to wait a long time for the truck in front of me. I didn't care about that tho. I was only going to be driving to Houston, I thought, I can sit here for hours and get paid.  It was like an hour past my appointment time before that truck was loaded and gone. The problem? That driver showed up 50 minutes late.  Figures.  Not our company, those people either show up hours early and try to sneak in/encroach upon another appointment for someone else or they show up wayyyy late.

I was sluggish when I started out driving. What the h*** am I doing out here on yet another Sunday.  I had pretty dismal thoughts.  But, a couple hours into it I was out of that thought line and into  - get this over with.  I was surprised at how busy the freeways were in Houston on a Sunday night.  Moderate to heavy traffic. Huh? What's going on here? lol But I made it here - a truck stop in south Houston on the 288 highway, it's a pay truckstop but it's the closest thing to the plant I'm going to in the morning and I"m going to turn in the receipt and see what happens. Other drivers say the company pays for paid parking, I didn't have that luck the first time I turned in a receipt and explanation, I"m going to try again. 

But I would have come here anywhere regardless. It's close, it's convenient, it keeps me out of the worst of the Monday morning rush hour s***.  I just hate this run because it's like giving away your time for nothing.   It's around $300 for 2 days worth. You might as well be just giving away your time.  I make $350 minimum a day going to Brownsville.  Whatever, I'm just going to hope for some better runs going forward, because I have been dumped with this pile of garbage and a Cheniere this year.  I had the Brownsville last trip, just saying I've had 2 out of 3 trips that are low paying and full of headaches. I have to unload this trailer tomorrow morning, so I get to stand around an hour and a half messing with tank pressures and keeping an eye on it.  Plus driving back. Im just text Ann as soon as I get on the road: I'll be back X time, please put me on the list. 

I vent a lot on this blog.  Lol

My hair. Growing back, but seemingly far too slowly.  And misbehaving even with gel.  Like the stiff gel that could put most hair up into a mohawk.  It's just not long enough yet.  Might be a couple of months or more before it is long enough that I can force it into submission. If I last that long, I may just end up going to the barber "cut this all off" and never try this again? I dunno. For right now, I'm trying it. But when I wake up in the morning, my hair will be a total disaster and not much I can do with it without showering and getting it soaking wet and more manageable. 

Well whatever. It's not getting late but I'm tired. It's  a Sunday thing. 

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