Monday, January 13, 2020

Woke up at the truck stop this morning in Houston via the alarm clock.  Got dressed and ready to go, opened the curtain from the sleeper, to see? Rain.  I literally went back to bed.  I have to 11:00 am to get there.  Well, I went back to bed after checking the forecast.  It said it would be gone in an hour.  An hour later? Alarm goes off again after resetting it - and more rain. But, I decided to get up, get some coffee, get over there. Good thing, too.  First time I have ever encountered or heard of anyone experiencing them not being ready to get you in and get you out of there.  

Meaning, sit there for 6 hours waiting on them to unload into a tube trailer and then get rid of the vapors.  They didn't bring the tube trailer up for 2 hours after I got there and it takes eternity to load one of those things.  They hook up this little bitty tube to fill it with 不不不不不不不

I already knew I was in for problem when I looked at that gauges on their tank. The pressure was sitting at 150 pounds -  fully 90 pounds over what I will even think about offloading at and they had 10 inches on the water meter - tells you how much fluid is in the tank.  They can't offload a truck without having their tank totally empty.  Further complicating the situation - 2 men standing there looking at the tank. I approached them - electricians.  They were there to deal with the ground pump - that's the pump that offloads the truck into the tank.  A very in depth conversation about why they were there and what they were going to do ensued.  Yup, that's just me, very inquisitive, especially in a situation this totally off kilter. But these guys knew literally nothing about how all of this works, they only knew they could turn the pump on and off! LMAO

 I have to say I wasn't feeling right today, so spending 6 hours laying in bed in the truck wasn't that big of a deal. Plus it rained - off and on but mostly on- the entire time I was there. 

Well whatever. Truck unloaded, I was out of there in time for? The beginning of rush hour traffic in Houston! Wooooo hoooooo! Y'all gotta love that!  I was halfway back and Ann contacted me.  Are you going to be back today? Yup, I just left there.  She then texted me a run - to Brownsville - for tomorrow morning!  I didn't go home today after this run, lol.  I am spending the night in the truck. I can go to Maria's, get the dogs, go home, spend the night there, get up early, take the dogs back to Maria's and then drive all the way back to work? Or just stay here.  I've kind of gotten used to the idea that it plain isn't worth doing all that driving if I'm getting sent out again the next morning.  

And I can tell ya, after this worthless Houston trip, I"m very glad to be getting a Brownsville run!  

Well lots more, but I'm tired. 


Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...