Friday, January 17, 2020

Okay, per the last post, a trailer didn't show up down there until 3:00 pm. So I drove 450 miles, went to bed at a truckstop and drove the rest of the route out, which was yesterday.  While at the office, a driver was complaining about an "itty bitty run" he had gotten from Ann - an Oklahoma run. It may be itty bitty but it's not neat as small pay as several other runs, I immediately volunteered to take the run if he didn't want it.

Yes, I know I had been out on the road 5 straight days, but as I said not long ago, I'm trying to earn some money to pay off Christmas bills.  He immediately backtracked on that one, I was serious too.  I'd be in the plant right now getting the trailer loaded.  Ann had told me just before that that I wouldn't be getting sent out again until Sunday or Monday.  Seems likely I'll only get one run in on this current pay period that starts today for 2 weeks from now paycheck. 

I can only hope for a Brownsville run or the West Virginia run that's available. 

Well, I left the yard and contacted the mechanic.  Are you available today? Yes, but I'm on my way back from Dallas.  All fine and well, contact me when you are home.  I stopped at Auto Zone and picked up 8 spark plugs.  I had bought a new ignition coil for the one that was bad but I figured all spark plugs should be replaced. 

That turned out to be a good decision.  A bit of sticker shock for plugs tho. $77 for 8 plugs?  When he started working on getting the plugs out of there, he immediately  noticed a crack in a heater hose fitting that was leaking coolant.  It became obvious the coolant had been leaking for a while.  It had seeped down the spark plug threads and gotten on to the tips, gunking them up. The cylinder that reported non firing from the computer results had a plug that was completely clogged up, no way that thing was working at all.  $210 on the plugs and the ignition coil spent, off to Auto Zone again to get the heater line.

Another $88 spent on that, which had to be ordered (supposed here at 7:30 am, I'll be going up there in a bit to see).  And of course pay the mechanic to install it.  I probably could - but I've all but given up on doing mechanics anymore.  1, because I work enough as it stands.  2. because I spent decades doing that stuff and I'm just plain burnt out on it. I just don't want to do mechanics anymore.  I'll just pay someone else to do the stuff for me, and this dude isn't asking a small fortune for his services. 

I have no great plans today. 5 days on the road deserves a day off. Laundry, dogs, basic stuff but nothing too involved. The front yard is covered with leaves - it won't get done unless I do it, I guess - I have a huge bag of winter grass seed I bought a while back. But, can't plant it with a yard covered with leaves. 

Enough. Haven't had enough coffee today lol

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