Friday, January 24, 2020

La Porte, Texas run over and done with.  I've had a Cheniere, La Porte, Houston and Baker run this year along with 2 brownsville runs. Overall, not going so well, especially considering the other runs that have been available .  Regardless, this one yesterday?  My manager informed me it was a preload deal.  Where you load one day and deliver the next.  They've never done that at La Porte and the run is such a waste of time, it just doesn't pay any money, any real money anyway.  This stuff starts to eat at me.

She simply said call them. So I did, immediately.  The guy said he'd call the plant and ask if I could unload today (yesterday) at 4:00 pm.  He called back and said yes, they'd do it.  So I got the truck loaded and drove straight down there, got there at around 3:35 pm.  Which is a good thing, because they were getting ready to go home!  They did not like seeing me pull in there, lmao, but they got right on it.  I got out of that place just in time for the Houston 5:00 pm rush hour! Wooohoooooo!!

But I made it back to the yard last night and got home around midnight.  The whole point of getting this over with asap was to hope and pray that I get one of these good loads going out this weekend, including a couple to a place in Illinois not terribly far from Chicago.  But West Virginia and brownsville are all on there.  The only "bad" load is Oklahoma.

Whatever.  Day - 4? - of this Senate impeachment fiasco.  Boring. I listened to all of this rhetoric the House impeachment managers had to say over IN the House.  Schiff is a bonafide liar, Nadler just blatantly exaggerattes or makes things up and those are the 2 biggest one in that mess.  So I've just been listening to the highlights off the news instead of watching any more of it.  Extremely repetitive, lots of mud-slinging, it's time for the Republican defense to be heard, finally.  I mean, I've already made up my mind.  I did that long ago when Pelosi declared that the House was going to start an impeachment inquiry and in the same breath admitted she hadn't even bothered to read the transcript. She presumed Trump guilty before ever seeing any evidence whatsoever.  Schiff - made up his own version of a transcript and read it to Congress.  And a whole host of other things they have done to cement this thing into the annals of history of being a total sham. 

Democrats are supposed to wrap up their side of this today and then I guess Republicans start tomorrow - but it will be Saturday and pundits are suggesting that they will have a short hearing and then dismiss for the rest of the weekend. 

Now, if you want to hear about something that we might be concerned about, this coronavirus s***.  If this garbage starts spreading throughout the US, I dunno what I'm going to do.  I'm already going to the store and getting antibacterial hand wipes and gel.  I do not want to get sick again.  And the problem here is those kids. They go to preschool, kids share their germs and then they bring all that crap home.  Even worse, the news reports that a person generally HAS the illness for 2 WEEKS before they even show any symptoms, so a person can be walking around spreading this crap all over the place and not even know it. 

I guess I screwed myself on traveling plans by having all that time off during the holidays. At least for a few months anyway. Just spent a wee bit too much money lol.  And then starting off the New Year with all of these low paying runs lmao.  I gotta get out of this mind frame and just assume that eventually I'll get a spree of good runs that will make up for it. 

Anyway, off to the races.  What races? I dunno, but I'll figure something out lol.

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