Saturday, January 25, 2020

Well I asked lmao.
Do you know if I have a run going this weekend?
Same answer every time: I don't know yet.
Okay I replied, lol, what else am I going to say?  Just a reminder I'm there, thanks, please give some something to do to make some money. 

Nawww, I don't say that to her, there's 20 other drivers wanting the same thing.But I've paid the price, I've done the shit runs, it's time to give me something decent.  Brownsville always preferable since it's usually 2 days work for 3 days pay : )

That was this morning, so it was a bit shocking to hear from her 2 hours later - loooong before she normally sends anything - to see a text from her.  Now, before I open that text, I can see the pic she sends, just a miniscule version of it. She takes pic of the paperwork and sends it.  I open it up - pleeeaaasseee have something decent on there, please mama I need money! Lmao

And there it was. One of the Illinois runs I was speaking about in a post earlier this week.  Notably, the Morris run.  Haven't been there in a long time. They get most of their product from rail cars, but if those cars don't show up? We Be Peeples Be Taken' Care Of Them.  Yup, it's very improper English. Lmao

It will actually be refreshing to get a trip going somewhere else.  You drive up there - well stop somewhere around St. Louis or maybe further north if there's somewhere to park, stop for the night, drive the rest out the next day.  Drop the trailer in their yard, they unload it and then up to 6 hours for them to unload the thing.  Lol, that's detention pay so it's fine. I drive to the nearest town - umm 10 miles away? I don't remember.  But there's a restaurant there that has this wonderful skirt steak and yes, I"m still doing Keto, it's not going away for me any time soon. Back to the plant, sleep for a few hours - get on the internet - whatever - get the trailer, get back at least south of St. Louis and then make it back the 3rd day.


That was yesterday.  Today has been spent hanging out with friends and making food. When I make food for one of these longer trips, I always make lots extra and then we can all eat some of it as well  I look back on the last 16 months and cannot believe I've lasted on this diet this long.  I've read a lot of articles saying this is one of the worst diets to get on, because most people won't stay on it. They quit  Others say it's because the consumption of huge amounts of red meat is bad for your heart - but the Keto diet doesn't require you to eat "vast amounts" of red meat. I'm not eating any more red meat than I used to before this diet.

But while they're dismissing this diet, how can they dismiss the idea of getting almost all sugar out of your diet?  Anyone ever hear of diabetes?  Or that this diet can either reduce the effects of type 2 diabetes or completely eliminate it altogether?  And what about all the diseases related to being overweight, extremely overweight or morbidly overweight?  I've see hundreds of before and after pics in a huge Keto group I'm in, the change is amazing.  300, 400, 500 pound people transforming their bodies into these really healthy looking bodies.  People like me? Well I didn't have that much to lose, but I was rapidly gaining weight and getting rather depressed about it. It's what keeps me on it.  I'm floating between 192 pounds and 205 pounds  I could lose the rest of the weight I need to - probably another 10 pounds, but I'm comfortable where I'm at for now.

Getting off the diet, however, has show to regain weight quite rapidly.  Tho I can't say when I cheat that I'm just cheating "a little". I pretty much go way overboard and I expect to gain 10 pounds.  To finish the job off, I would have to start a real exercise program again, a thing I have found elusive in my motivation department.  I life weights - here and there. I do pushups - here and there, just not enough to make any substantial difference. 

After being on the diet so long, tho, it starts to become natural to not eat the beans, the rice, the potatoes, the tortillas, the sugar filled junk, the carb laden foods.  It's just part of a normal day after a while.  You don't think of having a bowl of sugar filled cereal for breakfast, you think of a low carb Atkins drink, a low carb breakfast from Whataburger or make your own if you are able to do so. You get tired of the same stuff every day, so you start to look for new Keto recipes and experiment. 

But I freely admit the thoughts of Dairy Queen Blizzards and a huge pile of french fries eventually creeps up on me and yes - I eat both on any given cheat days lmao. 

Well, time to finish preparation for tomorrow's trip. 

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