Saturday, February 1, 2020

Dogs were smelling horrible. Like a bunch of barnyard animals living inside of the house.  I know some of y'all think 61 degrees is mild - and it actually didn't feel too bad considering we finally have a sunny sky for once - but I decided to brave the freezing cold water and cool temp to take Adler out front of the house, drench him in water and scrub him down completely with some very nice shampoo, rinse it off and then put conditioner on it.  I dunno if you're supposed to put conditioner on dogs but I did cause' I wanted to make sure he would end up smelling good after that ordeal.  It's not a walk in the park washing a dog that absolutely hates the hose.

Aspyn? Forget it.  She was smelling twice as bad as Adler.  Just horrible lol.  German Shepherd - will sit out in the rain getting drenched for hours and hours.  They haven't been washed in 2 months.  But I didn't want to go half baked with her and the undercoat and the extreme shedding, so I took her up to Petsense a few minutes ago, opted for all services - nails, ears, bath, trim, brushing her hair out for like 20 minutes I think it says and even brush her teeth.  The dog stinks and all the hair - just decided it would be easier to pay a professional to do it. 
She'll like it. She loved the attention last time I took her to the other place  which is closed today.  If she does a good job on Aspyn I will remember to tip nicely too.  Adler's white portion of his coat - actually looks white again lolol. 

Impeachment trial is basically over, for all intents and purposes. They will have closing arguments on Monday and allegedly making the vote on Wednesday, where they will almost guaranteed vote to keep Trump in office, they aren't going to remove him.  I'm ready to see the end of this. But, Democrats have been touting the idea of introducing more articles of impeachment.  This isn't going to stop until the election.  If Trump wins in November, who knows how this is going to play out?  Chaos is my expectation.

Brownsville tomorrow early. Yup, I predicted another Sunday run and that's exactly what I got.  Just get it done.  Likely be the only run on the pay period it represents, I can only wish for some detention pay on that one. 

Well it's 4 hours for aspyn so today is kind of wrapped up. It's already 2:30 pm anyway.  But I need to make some thing for the road. last trip to Brownsville  I didn't make anything figuring I could just stop to get something to eat and regretted it.  Just happen to have chicken, I'm going to make some keto chicken parmesan, an easy recipe, looks delicious, only 5 carbs per serving : )

In fact, I think Ill do that now. 

Decatur, Alabama. Got there last night - decided I didn't have enough hours to offload - about an hour and 15 minutes on the clock, tak...