Monday, February 3, 2020

So I got down here last night - down here being Brownsville - and saw an empty trailer sitting there.  But, I decided to drop my full trailer and go stay the night up at the Love's truck stop.  Get up early, get home this afternoon.  It's Monday morning, btw, almost 7:00 am now.  So that's what I did, got up early, before 5 am, took a shower at the Love's gotta cuppa, headed to the yard and.....the driver that loaded 2 hours behind me was already under the empty and hooked up to it, presumably waiting for his 10 hour reset clock to be up and leave.  I could've gotten back by around 4:00 pm today. Maybe a little later, just depending on traffic.

I guess the good news is that I get detention pay on this trip and considering there were 15 trucks in the yard yesterday morning, that's a good thing. That guy that took my trailer won't get any detention pay.  15 trucks.  Rarely see that many drivers all in the yard at once, meaning we've slowed wayyyyyy down, so taking an extra day to get home - depending what time an empty trailer might arrive here - is probably a good thing.

But you know, you wake up early and get it into your head that you're going to get moving down the road and get home.  Just takes a bit to get that out  of your head.  I could have slept in, lol.  There's 5 loads going out today, I took a snapshot of the schedule, so that will get some of those trucks out of the yard, but 2 of them are short, junk runs and they may end up getting back before me.  It just all depends on what time an empty shows up today.  I'll be fighting to get back tonight if one shows up early enough, get back in the queue for another load before some of those drivers do.

But, my birthday is on Wednesday so getting home tomorrow would work out better, that would all but guarantee I'll be home for it instead of on the road.  I have no idea about any days after today on the schedule, the plant schedule ends on Mondays and they don't put the new one up until Tuesdays - today.  I was actually pretty lucky to get this run.  It will highly likely be the only thing going on this pay period so I'm not going to complain about sitting here - probably half the day waiting - for a trailer to show up. I'll hopefully get an estimate of an arrival time from the yard manager whenever he shows up.


12 hours later I'm home.  Trailer showed up around 12:30 pm, I hooked up to thing and got out of there.  Figured if I move it I can get home tonight. Of course, I didn't plan on the drowsiness that hit me 250 miles up the road.  Well,  you have to take a 30 minute break anyway so I found a rest area, set the alarm for 40 minutes, and fell into a deep sleep.  It was more than enough to wake me up and keep me chugging along for the rest of the 325 miles.  I'm not exactly sure if it was such a good idea to get home tonight tho. Those 15 trucks that were in the yard yesterday? There's only 6 now.  There are times when I hope I don't get a run, the next 2 days? I hope I don't get a run. 

Well enough of this.  Time to go to bed!

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