Thursday, February 6, 2020

Quick trip? Not exactly. It takes over 13 hours to do the La Porte trip from the amount of time spent in the plant loading and getting paperwork, driving down to La Porte (Texas), getting unloaded, driving back up, doing paperwork and getting it over with. 

I slept miserably last night.  I went to bed at 8:30 pm, woke up around 1 am, couldn't get back to sleep.  Until somewhere around 3:30 am, where I fell asleep, half an hour later the alarm went off. Must have been REM sleep because it was horrible.  My brain was foggy, I couldn't wake up.  I mean, that lasted all the way down to La Porte, where I got the opportunity to take an hour and a half nap. The plant worker came pounding on the door of the truck when they had finished. Seemed like 5 5 minutes - the time I went to sleep shortly after they hooked up the trailer - to the time they were telling me they're done. 

But I got out of Houston at 2:30 pm, well in advance of rush hour and the drive back to the yard was seamless. 

The unfortunate part of today was looking at the schedule. Spartan.  I figured getting back, I might get a run on Sunday until I found out that the Brownsville run is down until Monday at the earliest. 

That means the schedule is wrong.  So tomorrow, there is only one run going out - that one to Pennsylvania. The driver that was taking it happened to be in the office. He said he hates PA and lamenting how terrible it will be to go there.  I thought how lucky he was to have such a run in the times we're currently in. That's close to 3,000 +-miles of driving, a very nice paycheck for 7 days on the road compared to the crap that is on there now.  Saturday, one run, because brownsville run is down.  Sunday, ZERO runs because brownsville is down. It was only today that I found out the Oklahoma run has been  down. 

So in the next 3 days, there will be two runs going out.  Gag.  That, however, doesn't take into consideration the plant attempting to find other runs to sell their product to. There may be other stuff come up, who knows. 

Well it's 29 degrees here at 10:30 and getting up to 60 for a high tomorrow. Not exactly my idea of boating weather.  ATV? I dunno, maybe. 

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