Friday, February 7, 2020

I've been speaking to people at work about retirement savings.
The subject comes up frequently. But it is shocking to find out these people - late 50's/early to mid 60's - have little to nothing saved up for retirement! These people are making 80k and more per year, and have anywhere from nothing to - next to nothing - saved.  It kind of made me feel good that the pittance of money I have saved now is far more than anything most of them have saved?

Just weird that people making very good money would have very little saved up.  People that are living on the road most of the time.  They have home expenses - but so do I.  When I was working at Ferguson, it was hard to save anything because I wasn't making that much money, but I still put at least matching employer contribution amount in. 

Both Prudential and Wells Fargo - I have 401k accounts in both - always say to up it a "little more". I can't contribute to the Prudential one because it's the former employer's 401k - it's doing so well there is no point in taking that money out of there.  But I think it's a better idea to find some savings account or some way to save extra money beyond those venues that is easy to save, a pain to get access to.  It seems more prudent to have a savings account with some real cash in it in case of emergencies.

Just very interesting to talk to people that are saving nothing or have very little saved up that late in life.  I feel like the 300k I hope to have by the time I retire is not nearly enough. But I'm not going to work til' I'm 90, thanks.  What kind of lifestyle do they expect to have living solely on Social Security?  With only 10 or 20 k in 401k savings, you can't do anything with that.  You'd just leave it alone in case of emergency? It would be easy to burn up that much money in a very short period of time. 

"The bad news is that almost half of Americans approaching retirement have nothing saved in a 401(k) or other individual account. The good news is that the new estimate, from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, is slightly better than a few years earlier.
Of those 55 and older, 48 percent had nothing put away in a 401(k)-style defined contribution plan or an individual retirement account, according to a GAO estimate for 2016 that was released Tuesday. That’s an improvement from the 52 percent without retirement money in 2013.
Two in five of such households did have access to a traditional pension, also known as a defined benefit plan. However, 29 percent of older Americans had neither a pension nor any assets in a 401(k) or IRA account. 
What, exactly, goes on in the minds of people facing retirement that never saved a penny? There's at least one at work: she brags about having saved nothing.  She will live on SS payments. Well I'm sorry to tell you this, but that isn't going to be much of a life?!!  Even in my poor and broke days, I had money being taken out for retirement, tho all of that disappeared at the time of divorce. 
Anyway, I just found out I'm heading up to Oklahoma tomorrow. Really? How did I get ahead of everyone in the queue?  It's literally the only run going out tomorrow. I mean, I'll take it over nothing, I'm just baffled how that worked. Took  a bit to get my mind into - "work tomorrow" after thinking I'd highly likely have the entire weekend off.
Anyway, I met Maria's - son - and - his - girfriend today.  They came into town to visit with mama - which is Maria. Another one is - well probably there by now.  The son - was a girl.  He has had the complete, full-blown sex operation to transform from a female to a male. I was quite surprised to hear his/her voice, it sounded like a guy.  I was informed that testosterone does that. Yeah, I knew it did other things, I had no idea it also affected your voice. It wasn't uncomfortable, but it was a point of intrigue.  Why would someone go to that much trouble to alter who they are physically? I saw pics of her before the operation, she was an absolutely beautiful woman.  So much so, that even with the deep voice and the breasts gone, still looked quite - female - in facial features.  Times have certainly changed.
Now, if I were where I will be tomorrow right now, at the casino? I'd be in there playing blackjack. I have the hankering. But, tomorrow is a different day and my mood may be completely different. I always - well usually - stop at the casino truck stop.  It's the best place to stop without wondering if I'm going to find a spot further on down the road. Paris Loves is full by that time of day, guaranteed.  There's a very shoddy, abandoned truck stop that I have no interest in stopping at. Well we'll see. 

It was actually quite shocking this morning to find out that my "MyLovesRewards" account has $885 on it, not the $88 I thought it was.  I have 88,500 points, my math was way off, lol.  Each point is worth a penny, my mind somehow thought that amount was worth $88, not $885.  Loves has a huge selection of smart phone accessories, certain lines of clothing products and depending on the size of the store, a large selection of electronics and even small refrigerators. 

The nearest Loves is 40 miles away.  I'll likely save any shopping spree for a time when I am spending the night at a loves so I can have time to look around and see what i want.  Guaranteed $885 is enough to buy any single product in the store and really, several higher priced things.

It is no wonder it takes so long to build up each $100, I have been thinking for a while, why does this take so long? I buy at least 1,250 gallons of fuel per month there.  Loves has different tiers of points awards for each gallon of fuel you buy.  0 to 500 is "base", 1 point for 1 gallon, 500 to 1,000 is Gold, 2 points, 1,000 to 1,500 is Platinum - 3 points and unlimited drink refills and free showers, Diamond is over 1,500 points accumulated per month and the same as Platinum except you get 4 points per gallon.

Diamond is elusive for me because we just aren't busy enough for me to be driving enough to be able to buy 1,500 gallons of fuel.  And right now, we are very slow  and I wouldn't be surprised at all if I wasn't given any work for either Saturday, Sunday or Monday.  These plants all shutting down at the same time created the perfect storm of no work available.  If it continues too long, I may be forced to ship out to another division for a while to actually earn a paycheck.  Of course, that means I won't be home for 2 weeks at a time, so that's kind of a last resort.  The thought of finding a new job, however, after seeing how much money I made last year and having the same problems - plants shutting down - have cemented in my mind, at least for now, that regardless, the work will pick back up and I will be busier than I want to be at some point. 

Well enough.  Laundry day - have to do all dog bedding, it doesn't take long for it to start smelling with all the rain we've been having.  Aspyn especially, who loves to run around in it until she is both muddy and completely soaking wet.  Much more rain in the forecast, I'm not taking her to a dog grooming place again until all of this season of rain passes.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...