Saturday, February 8, 2020

I have no idea what happened to that last post with all the words being whited out, lol, have to try and fix that later. 

Whatever the case, amazingly enough I got a run up to Oklahoma today.  That's only 1 day in between runs - when there were a lot of people waiting in line for the next run.  As I"ve stated before, I don't think my manager has a grasp of how to work giving out runs.  I don't know if she just doesn't keep track, or if it's on a whim type of thing, or what.  But realistically I shouldn't have gotten a run before Monday at the earliest. 

Hopefully I can get back from Tulsa (area) tomorrow morning, we have a BBQ planned for Sunday with Maria's (adult) kids who have shown up for a reunion I guess.  Pretty odd stuff.  Haven't really been in close contact with an actual post-op transgender person before.  I'm not homophobic, lol, don't take it that way I just haven't had any exposure before to such people.  She to a he, brought his girlfriend with him.  Interesting stuff.

Meanwhile, Virginia is getting closer to banning - yes totally banning according to the news anyway - semi automatic weapons. That was the description I heard. Not just rifles, but all semi autos.  I just can't imagine such a decree would pass constitutional muster before the Supreme Court?  It will be very interesting to watch what happens, but I would assume 2A rights groups will immediately file suit in court.  If this were to go before SCOTUS - or any federal judge for that matter - and actually stand, what will happen to the rest of the country? 

I have lots I could go into on that subject, it's pretty alarming the extent of what these people are willing to do to get rid of your rights.

However, it's almost time to leave and I must be off to business!


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