Monday, February 10, 2020

So, I got back in yesterday morning - another one of those "waste" trips. The plant operator handed me a copy of the schedule 2 days ago for the coming week.  I didn't ask him for it but he did anyway, so thank you lol.  Tomorrow there are 2 good runs available and 2 crappy runs.  My luck isn't doing too well in getting the good runs department, but then again, I don't even know if I'm going out tomorrow and probably won't know until this evening. 

After leaving the yard yesterday, I went over to Maria's, I was already informed I was staying for breakfast.  I ended up staying for around 9 hours lol.  It was fun.  Taylor and James came over as well and spent a good portion of the day as well, we all left at the same time, it was time to go home and unwind.  Well, at least for me, since I hadn't been home since the day before. 

Oh, the boat was literally filled up with water.  From recent rains.  I forgot about that, from the other day after I got a charger specifically for the boat and just keeping it there.  Can't be going out on a lake without a fully charged battery.  I hooked up the charger - the battery was dead unfortunately, I hope it isn't ruined since it's only a few months old - and turned on the bilge pump.  It pumped out all of that water in about 10 minutes? I didn't keep track, but the hull was almost completely full.  I think my fears that the boat is taking in water through a leak are not founded in reality.

That because - the boat was sitting there full of water and nothing leaking out anywhere. So, I have a theory where it's likely taking on water but I can't prove that theory true or false until I take it back out on the lake again and run it full throttle with someone else driving the thing while I"m in the back looking to see if it's taking on water back there.  Of course, no one wants to go out in the cold and rain, so that's put on hold until the weather gets better.

Which isn't happening today, we are under flash flood watch - unusual for this area - with rain predicted for the next 10 days in a row.  However, the forecasters have been waaaaaay off recently, I mean not even close in their predictions.  I might as well just go out and look at the skies and take guesses as to what the weather is going to be.  Seriously, they haven't even been close in their rain predictions. It rains when they say it isn't going to rain and it doesn't rain when they give a 90% chance of rain with up to 6 inches of water? 

So I'm doing nothing, again, today.  At least yesterday was a change of pace. 


So I'm lightly dabbling in the stock market.  Placed an order for 300 shares of a cheap stock in the energy business that came recommended by a trading sight.  It's only $151 worth, I'm not jumping in with thousands of dollars spent on something I have very little knowledge of.  Heck, I had to look up what Time In Force means, and how it works!  I've seen this company in various places around the US and it's been around awhile.  And I made .28 today lmao.  Well whatever, I'll leave it in there a while and see what happens.  A while being months at least, if not a year.  And prowl for more stock to buy.  The good stocks are starting out at very high prices, I'm not going  that route right now. 

Chase has me preapproved now for almost 300k house for 5% down instead of the 10% they started out with.  I've looked at numerous properties today online, but none of them have sufficient acreage.  None of them have sufficient bedrooms, we're going to need a 4 bedroom house minimum.  I have to get a house on the land to have the 5% down. 

Anyway, enough for this entry. 

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