Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Rain, rain, go away......and don't come back for a lot more days...

Enough rain. I'm on my 4th day off, it's been raining the entire time, with a few lulls here and there. It's gotten so bad to day we are actually under a flash flood watch. Tho I don't concern myself about that too much, there is a stream behind our house that leads to a huge storm water channeling system only 200 feet away.  It's very deep and I've never seen it more than 2 or 3 feet high water depth.

And it's not just rain, either, it's also our version of cold. Low 40's.  I was going to smoke a rib roast, I am undecided whether I will or not.  Perhaps smoke it an hour or 2 and finish up inside.  Well, actually it's beef so it shouldn't take more than a couple and a half hours to cook regardless of method, so I'll just go ahead and smoke it for an hour or so and finish up in the oven, try to have it done when they come home from work.

The work situation around here has gone into chaos mode.  Taylor's hours were drastically cut this month, an entire day gone every week, so she has taken up even more of this side work she does from home.  James work hours were also cut to the point he had to find a second part time job. So now, he's working 4 10's Monday - Thursday and then doing a part time job Friday through Sunday.  I've been there and done that and I hate the 2 job scenario, especially if it ends up forcing you to work 7 days a week. I, on the other hand, have been sitting around for 4 days. 

There is no predicting how long you will have off in between runs, tho it would be helpful if my manager would at least send out an APB - such and such a plant has shut down, work is going to be slow. She doesn't do that and it's like pulling teeth to get any info out of her. I don't know why, it's just the way she is. But, I found out yesterday, the plant that comprises the Brownsville run cancelled fully 11 loads - hence the reason I've been sitting so long.  She gave me the usual "you can go out on call-out or wait", but didn't say it in anger as she has done in the past. 

My version of the schedule has highly likely completely changed. For Ann told me that "tomorrow" (Thursday) is looking good.  On the schedule I have, it shows tomorrow a  Brownsville, an Oklahoma and a Daiken (Alabama) run.  That isn't that good, so I have to guess that the plant has completely changed the schedule as they often do and have more runs on there. 

My penny stock is up $5 and change! lol, that's the for all the stock combined lmao, not per share. If it were per share I'd be selling them suckers right now.  Today I'll be doing my version of research to see if I can find something a bit better.  But, my Chase account will only allow me to buy stocks that are priced above $5, I dunno how it let me buy these I currently have, but the second round I tried with a different company stock it wouldn't let me.  So I'll just find something over $5 and see if I can stomach buying 100 shares or so of it. I've got plenty of money I could throw at this, but no thanks. We're stepping in toes, than ankles, then knees, so on. Right now the toes are wet lol. 

Other than that, nothing really "newish".  A new tenant at the other house, he has a job, is in his early 30's and works locally.  Well he had to, he doesn't have a car.  But we'll see how that works out.  Maria seems to be toning way down on her approach to new people, which is a good thing.  I'm not going to complain about her treatment of the last two in there, they were real pieces of work. 

Meanwhile, this Coronavirus.  People were downplaying it at first, of which I just shook my head at all of them.  Well, not that many people have died! many said and it's just another version of the SARS virus.  My reply was it had just started and it came out of China, huge population, disease can run rampant there.  And sure enough, the death toll has well surpassed the SARS virus and they can't say they are even halfway there in isolating it and getting the spread to stop.  How can they stop it? In China, they can't, except to shut down the cities that it's affecting and not allow anyone in or out.  Here and around the world, they are isolating planes and ships full of people. I'm not wishing this on anyone, not at all, it's just the way these viruses work. 

Enough of this one.  I"m assuming I'll be working tomorrow and plan for that.  Other than that, it's another rainy day. 

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