Saturday, February 15, 2020

Down to Brownsville after last entry, drop, hook, head back up. Ended up in Hungerford, TX Loves' last night.  Drove it out today, hooked up to another trailer - out on Monday.  I thought I had a run down to Houston, I misunderstood Ann's text message.  It is actually, get up, go to the yard, drive truck to loading plant, load the trailer and bring it back to the yard, drop it and go home.  Lol.  It's a preload for someone else.  She's doing both of us a favor.  I get the preload, the other driver gets the trip. He makes a bit more than me, but - lol - I'll do the preload and save myself the hassle of the Houston run that doesn't pay much and take all day to do it. 

Over to the other house. More drama.  Getting very tired of the drama. Always a new tenant thing.  I'm not even going to go into all of it, it would take several paragraphs of typing and I don't feel like exerting that much energy over a person that isn't worth wasting that much script on. The dude is a drug addict, long story short.  He blew up my phone about the rent.  I can tell ya, I'm not making money on that place, I'm not trying to make money on that place, but I am trying to break even. 

The dude made several veiled threats of which I totally laughed at. He's like 5'8" tall, I've seen a pic of him, lol. His bad-ass tones on texting with me wouldn't stand up in face-to-face confrontation. But he "invited" me over when he's moving out tonight - oh yes, he is out of there after all of this s*** - and I thought, no. Not worth it.  I have zero fear of the man, but him saying we are all part of a "cult" and that we were going to make him a "blood sacrifice" was enough for me before all of this got started.

Yes, he actually texted Maria that nonsense and then I called him out on it and the fact that he needs to pay up. He let loose on me, I started trolling him.  Well why not. He's a nutcase, a lunatic, possibly some spiritual things going on there.  He stopped texting, lol.    The lady across the street - she knows everyone, she's from this town - said she knows his family and knows who he is, an "ex heroine addict".  No thanks. 

So allegedly he's moving out after just moving in. Another lady moved into the bedroom he was in - he was going to take the living room. No, folks, that was not my idea.  But this guy is bad news and he can go without any further ado and thank God. 

And finally... the microwave at the other house quit working a few days ago.  The brother of the owner comes over to fix stuff.  He came today, took the microwave out - to do whatever.  You really don't fix microwaves, you replace them. Well, he told Maria he wants to buy my boat! LOL!! Boat isn't for sale, haven't said anything about selling the thing, but he wants it.  I bet he doesn't want the price tag!  I'd actually sell if for the price I bought it for plus the money I've dumped into getting it up to par. 

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...