Sunday, February 16, 2020

My 401k accounts have literally gone up like 5 grand in the last month.  I mean, it isn't anything that gets me to retire tomorrow, I'm just saying, at least for right now, the stock market is doing fantastic in many sectors.  You can swipe energy/oil off that list tho.  Poor outlook for the amount of oil needed globally this year coupled with the Cornoavirus - I'm not sure how they're tying the virus into oil usage, but they are - has reduced the positive outlook on oil productive, particularly fracking operations. 

Sunday.  Actually a nice day for once, even tho the sky is still overcast with clouds.  A nice, bright, sunny day would be cool.  Tomorrow is just a preload day.  Go to the plant, load the truck take it back to the yard.  I might drive over to Shreveport after loading and get the truck washed as well.  It's filthy. It's about 130 miles round trip of driving - which is paid, plus wait time at the Blue Beacon. It's something better than nothing.  Turn it into a $250 or so day, at least and help pad the pay period.  I've god one, small run on this week's paycheck coming up, that ain't gonna work. 

The - dude - at the other house didn't show up last night as he promised.  And Maria is texting me saying he isn't responding to her texts. And that she wants to go get smokes but doesn't want to leave and have him show up while she's gone.  That's the 3rd one in a row - tenant - turned out to be "less than desirable" person. The lady that just moved in, however, well I met her yesterday. She seems to fit right in there. Hopefully she works out. One can hope, I'd like a few months of relative peace.


My son sent me some Omaha steak stuff for my birthday.  So I ate a couple of the burgers. Very nice, keto version of course. I ended up sending my brother - today - some Omaha steaks that I usually send at Christmas.  He has never been involved in my life, I have expressed interest in a closer relationship with him over the last several decades - and I gave up on it. To the point I didn't send any Christmas Omaha Steaks because - why bother.  Wasting even a few seconds of my time and my money on people that don't care about me took it's toll.   His birthday is in a few days, it won't get there in time I don't think, but since he "went out of his way" to send me a birthday text earlier this month with "Happy Birthday Ben", I figured I'll just do whatever.  Keep a line open?  He's retired now.  I have no hope for any kind of relationship with him in this lifetime.

My middle brother, however, I have permanently written off and don't care to ever hear from again. 

Anyway, getting close to bedtime.  Early rise, but not a long day, well, not long unless something happens at the plant. Even if I decide to drive to Shreveport to get the truck washed, it still won't be anything close to any normal driving day.  A little extra money, a clean truck, why not? 

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...