Saturday, February 29, 2020

I caught the auction - the property tax lien county auction - in time this time.  It's on the 3rd of March. I may or may not be in town, who knows, but the list only had 2 properties that I would be interested in and the starting bids are well out of range. One of them is a 55 acre piece of land starting at 39k.  That's a great deal at less than a grand per acre.  I've just resolved that I will have to save for a long time to either get a good down payment on property or buy property outright for cash at one of these auctions. They always have something in those auctions with at least 20 acres.  There was one that had over a 1,000 acres - but it was pulled.  Probably meaning whoever owns it didn't want to lose that much property.

There are numerous small properties on the list I could buy, but it would be an investment type of  thing where you buy it and the try to resell at a profit. Land in town here isn't really selling that well and houses sit empty for a long, long time that are up for sale. There is one on the corner across the street from us. They painted it, but a new roof on it and did major upgrades on it - over a year ago - it's still sitting empty. They've brought the price down twice.

Whoa.  There's one on there for 2k and change - 22 acres. And the list didn't fully load, there are several properties on there that are "unknown heirs".  I'ma say right now, if I'm in town on the 3rd, I'll be at that auction.

And runs. Well, it turns out Brownsville run has more loads cancelled and all the Illinois runs were given to another company.  So I guess I should be happy for an OK run over - nothing runs left over from all that crap. We're really sucking right now on the delivery stuff, it's all the more impetus for me to get this certification and switch back and forth between divisions. I dunno how long they want to keep me out at a time tho with the LNG hauling.  But, right now, I won't complain cause' paychecks have mostly sucked and I'm not getting ahead like I want to in my drive to save for a down payment for land. 

Although, buying land is kind of in the air right now anyway. If they are actually going to move - they're in the talking-about-it-stage right now - I don't want to be living here alone not knowing that many people.  Missouri land prices are probably cheaper than out here. I don't know about Colorado.  Rut, if I could get a property for 5k or less outside of town limits, that would serve to give me the property I need to build a small mobile home community. There are far too many restrictions to open one up in town, the codes are ridiculous.  The county is quite a bit more relaxed in their demands. 

I would just want to start out with something like 20 lots plus some RV lots. The RV lots are what the town doesn't want or even allow, screw that. Lots of people live in RV trailers, I know because I did it myself for a while.  Get some pull thru's for people traveling through as well for overnight stays.  But it would have to start out small, just getting the land is only step one. Steps 2, 3 and 4? You know, putting in water and sewer, electricity, building the pads, etc.

"4. Purchasers at this tax foreclosure sale will receive an ordinary type of Sheriff’s Deed which is WITHOUT WARRANTY, express or implied. Title to property is NOT guaranteed. A policy of title insurance may be difficult to obtain."  That's the part about those auctions I don't much care for.  Lots of warnings about doing a title search before even considering bidding on a property, looking for liens or judgements.  I get it, you don't want to get stuck with a huge, unknown bill that you will be forced to pay up on.  But some of the properties are "unknown heir" so you wouldn't expect to find title problems with that, that's just property taxes that haven't been paid because the person passed.

Whatever the case, it's Saturday morning, I have a run to Oklahoma today, gonna get my stuff together and get out of here. And continue to study the guide for that test.  I suspect I will be doing that little adventure this coming week if I feel comfortable enough with the information - tho it's an open book test with two hours to take it and only need 75% correct to pass. 

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...