Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hope beyond hope this morning that they got the truck into the shop and at least started looking at it. Hope deferred as I was informed they still hadn't moved it and my interim manager insisting I come back today. I didn't argue with her, I said okay.  Would you be okay getting into Danny's truck?  she asked. Only if they get that thing detailed, I replied. Danny was a nice guy, had some temper tantrums here and there and anger issues - which got him fired.  Specifically, cussing out a Peterbilt service advisor at the shop in Tulsa.

So she said they had put a new mattress in it and that they were going to get it detailed, but I wanted her to check on that, I am not getting into a totally nasty, disgusting truck, thanks.  But the word cam back that they had paid extra to have the truck done right.  She got me a rental pickup truck, took an uber over there - and saw people sitting in restaurants?  Huh?  OKC definitively stated they were not allowing anyone to dine in at restaurants.  Well, I got the truck and went to Waffle House for a bite to eat. Back to the semi, got my stuff out - it's really hard to drive a truck without all of your stuff.

Back to the hotel where I have been having elongated conversations with one of the hotel desk staff since I've been there.  Got my stuff, finished up talking with her and got on the road.  Some people are saying the roads are deserted, I'm not seeing that at all. Looks like just another normal day out on the Interstates.  Long drive - seemed to be anyway - back. 350 miles seemed like 600 for some reason.  Weird cause I wasn't driving slow lol.

I asked Clarice - the interim manager - to please let me have my truck back whenever they get done with it.  Yes, I'm not trying to take you out of your truck, we just need you for runs right now. Lots of people out and enough slots to fill to keep me busy.  So I'm out again tomorrow - a Brownsville run.  I can't complain, I really want as many runs as I can get before it inevitably slows down and we are screwed. Okay, that's not a very positive outlook, I get that, but it's realistic.  People are out of work right now, all of these businesses shutting down is going to have a ripple effect across the spectrum.

Casinos are shutting down, bars, restaurants, sports venues, other venues that accommodate large crowds.  This is all recreational expenses - the money people spend that's "left over" when they pay their bills and such.  All of those people that aren't working - now can't pay their rent.  They can't pay their credit card debt.  Next thing you know, we have a reenactment of the 2008 housing bubble.  We could be facing a serious financial crisis - and probably are just hasn't fully materialized yet.  Our stocks are heading to half the value they were 2 months ago.  But can we possibly absorb another trillion dollar stimulus bill.  Do we really want to go that route?  I've lived through very hard times, I didn't get any government help - tho admittedly I didn't want it and I didn't ask/apply for it.

I'm home.  Late load tomorrow, I won't make Brownsville tomorrow unless I want to drive until 3am.  2 am at the earliest. Can't start driving an almost  600 mile run at around 4 - 4:30 pm and expect to get there by 6 to 8 pm as it normally is.  I'll see how I feel tomorrow night I guess.

The entire world is on edge now. Everyone's every other word is Coronavirus/reference to it.  I know lots of people right now that are suddenly not working.  I have no idea what food availability going down to Brownsville is right now, a trip to Kroger's tomorrow is in order. I hope they have some food left, supposedly they got their shelves restocked.  Since I am taking a break from the Keto diet - it's senseless to try and do that diet when I don't know what kind of food I might even be able to access - I am going to make a nice pasta salad for the road.  I'd make it tonight but I don't have the ingredients.

Anyway, the earth keeps rotating around it's axis and the sun hasn't gone nova yet.  We will survive this - some might die but most of us will survive. I think if I get this virus? I'll survive it. The gun hoarding going on now? I have enough guns. Going to a gun store isn't on my list except possibly to get some ammo. 

Decatur, Alabama. Got there last night - decided I didn't have enough hours to offload - about an hour and 15 minutes on the clock, tak...