Saturday, March 28, 2020

What's more fun than getting up at 4 am for work? 
Being awake half the night.
First, with stuffed up nose - allergies and then the kid next door.
He decided it was a good idea to come backing in between our houses with
a diesel pickup truck, revving it up and making all kinds of noise.

This is going to be a looooong day. 

Oh, btw? The internet here comes on and off.  Why? Because everyone is at home. 
Everyone is on the internet. 

Lol.  I'm going on the road 4 days, that's all I can say.  Brownsville 2 days and Oklahoma 2 more. 
Got my hand sanitizer, made a bunch of food and likely the roads are still going to be pretty light, even through Houston I'm guessing.  I'll find that out later on - well you know, as long as yet another truck doesn't break down somewhere..

Yea, a bit of a pessimistic mood this morning, probably cause' I didn't get anything even close to enough sleep.  I mean, I got up 20 minutes early because I gave up on it, hence the time to write out a post. I have no idea if I'll be on here again in the next 4 days, definitely not tonight. By the time I get to Brownsville and operating on not enough sleep, my first thought will be to go to bed. 

And I'm only going to check one place for tp down there, the only place I found it last time. But I will try.  James scored a 6 pack at Walmart yesterday. He actually showed up before Walmart opening time - they are all closing now at night to restock and sanitize the store. There was a line of 50 people he said when he got there and then line doubled by the time the opened the doors.  He said by the time he got in there, all the toilet paper was gone - excepting one 6 pack that was hiding in the back.

Hey, at least we aren't going to run out this week. And on the road I never have a problem - the rest areas are always well stocked and the truck stops are usually stocked. 

I"m curious through all of this coronavirus woes going on - people dying, people getting extremely sick - how this will change our society going on in the future after this thing is over?  Will we look at how we interact with each other differently? Will new technologies emerge?  Will society create new social rules that won't go away?  I dunno, just musing. 

But for now? Time to get my stuff out of the fridge and get ready to get out of here.  Taylor is worried she's going to catch this virus and die.  Literally, she is. She has respiratory problems, lifelong version of it.  Jaxon, the 3 year old, has asthma.  Those are not helpful things to have when confronting a virus that attacks your respiratory system.  I dunno what to tell her.  Stay away from people as much as possible, yes social distancing, sounds ridiculous but it's a thing now, wash your hands often, keep your hands away from your face at work and do whatever you can to keep yourself free from it.

Cause' honey, we have 2 cases of it in our little town now and it's only a matter of time before more get it.

I predicted when they first spoke about this virus in China, before it went anywhere else in the world, that the entire world would get this thing, we would all get sick and some of us would die.  Grim prediction, but it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.  People travel to China - lots of people. Even people in this little town, some of them are from China, here studying at one of the local colleges.  I think the colleges are shut down now, I know all of the grade schools are shut down and kids are - whatever the remaining working parents are doing with them.  That's gotta be an additional hardship if you are used to having the school system having your children while you're at work.

I think it's time for us all to get on our knees and seek the Living God and ask for His help.  That's what I think. 

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